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Greetings Nebet9 and everyone,

The word “universal” is an adjective. The term pertains to or is characteristic of all or the whole. In addition, something, such as a scientific formula, that is applicable to all persons and things is said to be universal. The word “universal” stems from the word “universe.” It is made up of the Latin words uni (one) and vertere (to turn). The turning of one or the one that turns (universe) creates perceptions, paradigms, and paradoxes. What do you mean? As an experiment, place an orange dot on both faces of a disc. Then rotate the disc and have an observer(s) stand on one side of the rotating disc and have another observer(s) stand on the other side of the rotating disc. Then pose the question: What is the direction of the spinning orange dot? The answers you will get is clockwise from one observer(s) and counter-clockwise from the other observer. So, the question then becomes, who is right? Who is wrong? This is why institutions of thought that are guided by various paradigms are somewhat at cross-purposes.

The wise will realize that it is not a question of who is right or wrong, but rather a phenomenon that pertains to and is characteristic of all, the whole, and the Universe. The paradox associated with the spinning disc is the phenomenon that brings about scientific revolutions (i.e., transformations of paradigms). For example, in astronomy, the Ptolemaic model (geocentric) eventually gave way to the Copernican model (heliocentric). Why? Because the sole purpose of reasoning is to arrive at the truth of things. Nuwaupu (9 x 13) is the Science of Sound Right Reason. We learn that knowledge can be checked out by one of or more of the three tests in Nuwaupu: (a) experience, (b) evidence, and (c) reason. Knowledge is always logical and it reasons out. However, the experience test is not always practical for all knowledge. In many instances, we find it difficult to find the right word that describes an idea. The reason for such difficulty is that we do not have a firm hold onto the idea itself. So, we must constantly shape and re-shape our language and paradigm to not only demonstrate reality, but also communicate to others reality as it stands (objective reality). The closest that we have come to communicate objective reality is demonstrated by the Medu Neteru. During times of scientific revolutions (i.e., transformations of paradigms and worldviews), scientists must be re-educated about and in their perceived environments (schools of thought); and they must learn a new gestalt for the sake of the unified whole.

The search for the Higgs Boson, God Particle (Neter-Khet) will create a scientific revolution. The God Particle in the Metu Neteru is known as Neter-Khet (literally God Body, God Particle), which was an attribute of Djoser.

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