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Default Sound Healing (Nuwb Saphah)


Sound is measured in cycles per second. Conventionally speaking, the speed of sound is about 1100 feet per second in air. Nonetheless, the speed of sound varies from medium to medium and from temperature to temperature. The book of Isaiah chapter 57 verse 19 speaks about an idea called the "fruit of the lips," which is a translation of the Aramaic/Hebrew term NUWB SAPHAH (literally Nubic, Nuwaubic via extension). Further reading of Isaiah chapter fifty-seven verse nineteen, one will encounter the word HEAL. It is a translation of the Aramaic/Hebrew word RAPHA, which can also mean "to cure" or "to repair." Hence, the nineteenth verse of the fifty-seventh chapter of the Book of Isaiah speaks of the creation and application of SOUND HEALING. The VOICE-that is sound produced by vertebrates by means of lungs, larynx, or syrinx- is an instrument for acoustic entrainment with YHWH, who is known in ancient Kemt as HWHY or HUHI or simply HU. In ancient Kemt, HU is the power of the VOICE, the fruit of the lips.

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