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Default Sound Healing (HUWA)


It has been re-discovered by scientists that various wave forms of SOUND can affect the shape and/or composition of molecular material(s), such as water. If one knows the correct resonant frequency of an object, he or she can then create its shape. For instance, according to Genesis chapter one, ADAM was created in the image and after the likeness of the ELOHIM. Moreover, in the second chapter of the book of Genesis, the creation of ADAM was carried out via the dust of the ground through which YHWH ELOHIM blew the breath of life by which ADAM became a living being. One can conclude from the first and second chapters of the book of Genesis that the creation of ADAM came about through sound resonance (cymatics). As I mentioned earlier, sound can affect the shape and/or composition of molecular materials; as YHWH ELOHIM formed man from the dust of the ground. It is known that sand or salt crystals on a metal plate form standing waves or concentric circles when a violin bow is used to strum the metal plate. In light of this, the concentric circle placed at the apex (or center) of the Barbury Tetrahedron can represent standing waves in the form of concentric circles. In metaphysics, standing waves in the form of concentric circles are symbolic of the BINDU, which signifies the beginning of creation and the notion of unity in multiplicity and multiplicity in unity. Further analysis of the Barbury Tetrahedron shows that the two circular like geometries (the ratchet circle and the radius circle) inscribe (very accurately) the HUWA symbol found in the science of NUWAUBU. The word HUWA, in Nubic (nuwb saphah), takes on the English word L-o-v-e, as was taught and given to us by Dr. Malachi Zodok York. Through intentionality, divine Love can be perceive through the intent of what may be called the over-soul. The arithmetic of the word DIVINE is 63 = 6+3 = 9 and the arithmetic of the word LOVE is 54 = 5+4 = 9. Thus the sum of 63 + 54 is 117. This value is the arithmetic sum for the word NUWAUPU, which I equate with the energy-light-mass equivalence equation, MC^2.

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