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The fact that the Aramaic-Hebrew term NUWB SAPHAH appears in the 57th chapter and 19th verse of the Book of Isaiah, in what is called the Holy Bible (El Bib Yloh, al-bab Ilah, The Doorway of the Goddess) is no coincidence. The mathematics reveal that the chapter and verse resonate with the number 19, which embarks on the exploration of the geometrical science of tessellation (weaved strings) i.e. an arrangement of shapes closely fitted together, especially of polygons in a repeated pattern without gaps or overlapping. The particular polygon worth noting is the hexagon, which has six internal angles at 120 degrees each, totaling 720 degrees. The Elohim, as one learns from the book of Genesis, created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. Geometrically, this is the pattern of a self-centered hexagon based on the number seven. Moreover, one learns that the spirit of the Elohim shall not be with Man forever because of his earthly nature. However, his days in the flesh shall be 120 years. The time span of 120 years alludes to the internal angle of the hexagon and the 120 Supreme lessons for Man during his allotted life in space, matter, and time (SMAT).

Question: What is the total area of the land and water of the planet Earth?

Pa Neter Ra (Heru Neterkhet Malachi Shabazz, Shabazz Major, Karast Sa Iusaaset):

When one studies 120, the answer is 196,940,000 square miles. In Nuwaupu (9 x 13), the answer is based on the answer to the equation nine to the ninth power of nine, the Nubian Number, The Nubian Mind:

196, 627, 050 475 552 913 618 075 908 526 912 116 283 103 450 944 214 766 927 315 415 537 966 391 196 809 square miles.

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