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Default The Elements, Mathematics, and Arithmetic - The Golden Arc Degree

Great Peace!

I, Pa Neter Ra, conceived in the house of Leo (Panthera leo), born in the house of Aries (the Ram) am the guardian and revealer of the science 13 x 9 (MC^2), which was revealed to I via the mathematical science 9 to the 9th power of 9 (the Nubian Number, the Nubian Mind).

Question: What is the relationship between the Earth’s land mass and water mass in square miles?

Pa Neter Ra (The Serpent King, Amaru Chan, The Golden One of Atun-Re):

As you know, the Earth’s square mileage (water and land) is revealed by the answer to the equation nine to the ninth power of nine (The Nubian Number, The Nubian Mind). The ratio between the planet Earth’s water square mileage and its land square mileage is 2:3 or 3:2. This proportion reveals the beginning stages in the development of the Golden Section, Golden Ratio, Golden Spiral. Water is the dominant component of living organisms on earth, and most processes of soil chemistry also take place in water. Not only is water a unique solvent, but also it has a large heat capacity, high surface tension, high boiling point, and a high heat of vaporization and thereby water tends to sustain the liquid phase on the plane of things. Moreover, the molecular angle of water (H-O-H, Ya-H-O-H, Yahuwa) exhibits an angle at about 103 degrees or 6180 minutes of arc (Golden Arc Degree). The number 103 is the alphanumeric value for the word NUWAUBU and it aligns with the 14th number-letter sequence 103-N in the equation nine to the ninth power of nine. As you may recall, the letter N is Nu or Nun, which is the deification of the primordial watery abyss in the Hermopolitan Ogdoad cosmogony of ancient Tamare (Kemet).

According to the Popol Vuh of the Kache Maya of Ancient Anahuac (Mexico, Amexem), the chronicle communicates the message that--in the silence, in the darkness, in the placid waters of the kosmos, in triple darkness, in nothingness, are those who conceive and give birth. By nature they are great thinkers and great sages. In the placid waters surrounded by blue and green light, these great thinkers (sagacious ones) came together in the darkness. After much discussion, debate, and reflection, they agreed (saw eye to eye) and thus they unified their words and thoughts and while in meditation the plans and arrangement for creation took place in the darkness carried out by the Heart of Heaven, who is called God, and thus God is called HURACAN. God (Huracan) is a triad or three-dimensional arrangement, which in mathematics is called SPACE, MATTER, and TIME (SMAT). Water (H-O-H) is indeed the Way, The Truth, and the Life!

In Freedom, Justice, Equality, Islam

Pa Neter Ra (The Serpent King, Heru Djeti, Blue-Green Feathered Serpent, White Brother, Pahana)
The Great Peace Society of Royal Serpents (Amaru Chan)
Return of the Serpent Race (Wadji) - Serpent Polity (Kaan)
The Opener and Guardian of 9^9^9 (The Nubian Mind, The Nubian Number)
The Elements, Mathematics & Arithmetic (T.E.M.ARI) by Nebu: Atun-Re (Heru Neterkhet Sutukh El) - Scroll of the Green Destiny (Circle 9 x 13)
13 x 9 (NUWAUPU)

Brothers in Blood
Ancient Text Reveals Hidden Message In Human DNA | GREGG BRADEN
DMT, Pineal Gland & The Piezoelectric Effect | Dr Joe Dispenza
Pa Neter Ra
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