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Smile Ancient african history

This contact between two persons signified the conferring of power from a god to an earthly Egyptian (Kemetic) ruler. As a matter of fact, in the so-called hieroglyphic (correctly called medu netcher) picture writings, the verb "to give" is drawn as an extended hand. This is where the European named Michelangelo got his idea for the Sistine Chapel drawing.
Toothbrush 3000 BC
In order to clean and strengthen their teeth, the Egyptians (Kemites) used a chew stick, which was a pencil-sized twig with one end frayed to a soft, fibrous condition.
Toothpaste 2000 BC
The Egyptians (Kemites) made toothpaste from powdered pumice stone and strong wine vinegar that they brushed onto a chew stick. This was much different from the early Roman toothpaste that was made from human URINE(!), which the Romans also used as a mouth wash. In fact, Roman physicians around 100 AD claimed that brushing with urine whitened teeth and fixed them more firmly in the sockets. And wealthy Roman women paid dearly for foreign urine, especially Portuguese urine.
Wedding Ring 2800 BC
To the Egyptians (Kemites), a circle, which has no beginning and no end, signified eternity, just as marriage signifies an eternal bond.
To My African Brothers and Sisters:

Before ending this version of the “We Did It-They Hid It” list (which is a condensed work in progress), I must give a major “shout out” to Henry E. Baker, one of the first Black Patent Examiners in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and a Harvard Law School graduate. He was an Assistant Patent Examiner who dedicated his career to uncovering and publishing the contributions of Black inventors. We know much of what we know about Black inventors in America because of his detailed and relentless work as shown in his four large volumes of patent drawings of inventions by Blacks and because of his book entitled The Black Inventor. Apart from that, bibliographical information about any of the material in this “We Did It-They Hid It” list is available upon request.

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