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Exclamation The Holy Tablets By ( Dr . M.Z.York )

The Wedding Of Jesus ( 19 x 7 = 133 )
Lo ! Those that have been fooled from amongst the mortals will laugh at the very thought and say '' how could such a thing have occurred ! Verse 2 . So , let me walk you through it , Verse by Verse , that you mat attain a vivid Overstanding of how Yashua did indeed marry and have a Son . Verse 3 , The story unfolds like this ; Verse 4 , The wedding of Yashua bar Maryam took place in Cana in Galilee . Verse 5 . The reception was in Bethany at Yashua's own house . Verse 6 . The reason why it was not recorded was because the Essenes vowed celibacy . Verse 7 . And it would've been a travesty to hear that one of their own had defected and married other than with the approval of the Rabb , the head of the order , for the sole purpose of reproduction . Verse 8 . This Bethany is where he lived with Martha , Lazarus , and his wife Mary Magdalene after the wedding . Verse 9 . When he defected from the Essenes Village , Lazarus , a student of his took him in . Verse 10 . Many years before he knew , he would marrt his sister .

Verse 11 . Bethany meaning '' house of figs '' is a village about one and three fourth miles , 3 kilometers southeast of Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives and close to Bethphage , Verse 12 . Where he eventually moved. It was the home of the sisters Mary and Martha . Verse 13 . Here , Yashua raised their brother , Lazarus from the dead , a ritual symbolism performed by the Essenes . Verse 14 . Yashua lodged in Bethany during his last week in Jerusalem and the palm procession set out from here . Verse 15 . The anointing of Yashua took place two days before the Feast Of Passover took place , at the home of Simon , the leper in Bethany . Verse 16 . Some of Yashua's disciples were there . Verse 17 . If the wedding was not Yashua's own , why was he and his discoples invited ? Verse 18 . Or who were these persons that were so important that Yashua went to their wedding ? Verse 19 . Yashua seemed to disagree with every other ritual in the scriptures saying that they exaggerated . Verse 20 . How come he went to this wedding ? The law ? There's never mentioned after this of a marriage .

Verse 21 . Yet , Revelation speaks of the marriage of the Lamb in symbolism this is what it says ; Verse 22 . So let us be happy and rejoice and glorify him because the wedding of the Lamb has indeed come and his bride is ready . Verse 23 . And she was given pure whire linen to wear because the white linen is the dress of the righteous . Verse 24 . So he said to me ; write blessed are all those who were called to the feast of the dinner for the wedding of the Lamb . Verse 25 . And he said to me this is the word of he who is above , the Heavenly Ones . Which is facts beyond any doubt . Verse 26 . The can be found in their mistranslatons with the same meaning in Revelation The Nineteenth Deagree The Seventh through Tenth Verse . Verse 27 . They refer and they prefer to identify with the New Jerusalem coming down like a bride prepared for her groom . Verse 28 . Where they read ; said their came to me one of the 7 Aluhum . Verse 29 . Which had the 7 bowls full of 7 last plagues . Verse 30 . And spoke with me saying come here I will show you the bride , the Lamb's wife symbolically speaking of the holy city coming down from heaven. ..

Verse 31 . Yet in the Nineteenth Degree , it begins and a voice came from the seat saying glory is for our Creator O all servants and all you that fear him both young and old . Verse 32 . And I heard it as if it were the voice of many crowds and as the voice of many waters and as the voice of strong thundering . Verse 33 . Saying praise be Yahuwa the Adonai Al Shaadi , the Almighty Ruler , then is continues . Verse 34 , So let us be happy and rejoice and glorify him because the wedding of the Lamb as indeed come and his bride is ready . Verse 35 . It is clear for those who can see that this was talking about an event that had come and that the other was talking about an incident to come . Verse 36 . All the heavens was prepared for the wedding of Yashua for it was the laws of his heavenly father that states '' therefore , shall a Man leave his Father and his Mother and shall cleave unto his Wife . Verse , 37 . This law would apply to Yashua as well if he claims one Jot or one Tittle should not be removed from the law . Verse 38 . If it declares that the law came by way of Moses before Yashua . Verse 39 . And Moses , Abraham , Noah , and Adam all married and had Wives , so the law would apply to Yashua as well . Verse 40 . The Law is the Law , Yashua said I did not come to change the Law of Moses but merely to fulfill . Yes !

Verse 41 . The Wedding at Cana was Prepared by Mary for the Lamb to Marry , Mary of Magdalene . Verse 42 . This was Yashua's Wedding . Verse 43 . If he was the Heavenly Father,
he would impose these laws as found in the Scriptures that he revealed to his Prophets . Verse 44 . Is not that so ? Verse 45 . < Or You She ( Me ) Another Incident Where Yashua And His Disciples Go To A Wedding Reception . Verse 46 . And what was his mother Mary Doing there in this remote town to her own home ? Verse 47 . Why Are The Names Of The Bride And The Bride Groom Removed From Your Bible ? Verse 48. Thoughout the whole life of Yashua , Mary is never mentioned as an associate of Mary of Magdalene . Verse 49 . And then at the daylight hours of the tomb , they are together . At the day of the cross , they are together . Verse 50 . But no other place are they together .
The Cross Can Be Found In Two Places , One On Top Of The Churchs , And The Other On Top Of The Grave , The One On To Of The Churchs Is Where The Mentalty Dead Are , And The One On Top Of The Grave Is , Where The Physical Dead Lay .

It's Not The Things One Knows That Get Him Or Her In Trouble , Its The Things One Knows That Just Isn't So That Get Them In Trouble

Peace In The Lamb Is True-ly Wonderful
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