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Exclamation The Holy Tablets By ( Dr . M.Z.York )

Verse 51 . They're Taalking About Going Back To Jerusalem To Be Amongst The Original Disciples Of Yashua , Especially Now . Because Simon Bar Yashua Listerned To Philip And Them . He Stopped His Mission Which He Had A Large Congregation And Converted To His Father's Teaching . This Conversion Let Him To Teach And Preach As Far As Rome - Where He Was Thought To Be His Father , Where He Was Crucified . This Simon Bar Jesus Is The Christ Of The Christian Religion As Taught By Paul Through His Own 14 Scriptures ; Roman Written In 56 A.D. .... First Corinthians Written In 55 A.D. .... Galatian Written In 52 A.D. .... Ephesians Written In 61 A.D. ..... Philippians Written In 61 A.D. ..... Colossians Written In 61 A.D. ...... First Thessalonians Written In 50 A.D. ...... Second Thessalonians Written In 51 A.D. ....... First Timothy Written In 65 A.D. ..... Titus Written In 64 A.D. ....Philemon Written In 61 A.D. .... Hebrews Written In 61 A.D. ..... Verse 52 . When Paul First Began His Teaching He Traveled With Barnabas To Antioch As A Undercover Spy For The Pharisees . Verse 53 . Paul And Barnabas Then Went On To Paphos Where They Encountered Simon Bar Jesus , Whom Paul Decided To Make His Own Teacher First , Then God Later In Order To Confuse The True Followers Of Yashua , Ha Mashiakh . Verse 54 . Paul Decided To Star Changing The Original Teaching Of Yashua And Incorporate The Sorcery Of The Kabalah And Mysticism That Is Found In His Writings To This Day . He Made Lawful Things The Scriptures And Yashua Had Made Unlawful . He Accepted The Teaching And Was Taught By Bar Jesus ( The Corrupted Son Of Yashua Ha Mashiakh . And This Paul 's Hidden Motives Was To Form His Newly Found Religion Called ( Christianity ) . Verse 55 . This is why Paul and Barnabas separated from the disciple at Antioch . Verse 56 . John and Mark joined the disciples Barnanas and Paul on their missionaty journey . Verse 57 . Mark served as Rabbi to Barnabas and Paul and was considered the leader of this clan . Verse 58 . By performing lowly services such as handing the Scrolls and after recording events . Verse 59 . While In Perga , Asia Minor Mark left return to Jerusalem . Verse 60 . His departure caused Dissention between Paul and Barnabas for Paul wished to become the New Leader .

Verse 61 . Paul proclaimed Mark to be a Deserter , and this caused much argument between the followers until Mark returned from Jerusalem . So when they were prepared to embark on the secomd missionary journey , Paul was in favor of leaving Mark behind . Verse 62 . Barnasbas insisted on his accompanying them . Verse 63 . As a result , Paul and Barnabas went their separate ways , Paul never intended to return to Jerusalem and be judged by the Disciples and the Elders , Instead , Paul planned to form his own church using they name they had obtained in Antioch , Christian . Vesrse 64 . Barnabas took Mark with him to Cyprus . This was also a good excuse for Paul to get away from Barnabas . Verse 65 . By This Time He Was Accepted By Many Disciples And Gained Good Favor With Those Disciples Who Had Fallen Away And Looked For Excuses To Defame The Original Teaching Of Yashua That Mark And Barnabas Taught . Paul Began To Gain Many Dissatisfied Followers Self-Opinionated . Verse 66 . Thus , Barnabas and Mark chose to go separate ways from Paul . Verse 67 . This enabled Paul to teach what he wanted . Verse 68 . Paul conidered Mark helpful to him because he was well versed in the language of the gentiles . Being one of the original that received the miraculous holy spirit and tranformation of one language to the languages of all who inquied in the truth . Verse 69 . This happened in this manner ; the disciples who were all of one tongue , Aramic , wanted to spread the Original Teaching to the Tribe of Judah that had been lost in many lands and now did not know their own language . Verse 70 . They were met with a problem , how to teach people who could not speak their tongue . The hearts of the apostles went out in every respect for the mission .

Verse 71 . Their desire to spread what Yashu'a taught them of Yahuwa , They began to doubt their ability to reach out and their faith was removed , and as they traveled partly in the company , and partly alone throughout the whole of Palestine , preaching the faith of A'Lyun A'Lyun El . and his Messiah Yashua . Verse 72 . In accordance with this new Revelation , where Yashua struck to the law and Eliminated the Innovations of the High Priest and the Pharisses . ( Permitting The Eating Of Many Things Which Had Been Prohibited to the Sons of Israel . Verse 73 . But when he would have sent them to teach his Gospel even in distant countries , they excused themselves with their ignorance of foreign tongues . Verse 74 . Yashua Complained Of Their Disobedience Before Yahuwa ; And Behold , On The Following Day While They All Were Gather Together In One Place , Balls Of Light Shot Down From The Crafts In The Sky That Hovered About And Touched Down On Each Of Them And They Were Able To Speak In Any Language Spoken To Them . Verse 75 . Each of his disciples had forgotten their own language , and everyone knew only the language of the people unto which Yashua desired to send him . Verse 76 . So that they had no longer any reason to disobey his commands , And the mission began to spread far and wide . Verse 77 . This , the Pharisees felt , must be stopped so they sent their secret agent Judas in to Infiltrate the Organization in hopes to find Yashua guilty of violating the law . Verse 78 . Mark was one of the Disciples that were in that upper chamber on the Fiftieth shadow hour called Pentecost . When this great miracle did occur . Verse 79 . So Matk served the Disciples Peter in the same position as he did Paul interpreter and attendant . Verse 80 . Mark would translate his sermons into Greek so that the gentiles could Overstand .

Verse 81 . Mark has been credited with founding the Christians Church in Alexandria , which was inhabited by Judahites and Greeks . Verse 82 . After Paul and Barnabas separated , Paul chose Silos as his Minister and headed toward Galatia and the city of Troas . Verse 83 . There he was joined by Luke where they proceeded to travel across the Aegen Sea on Paul's second missionary journey into the continent of Europe . Verse 84 . Six years later Luke accompanied Paul on the third missionary journey whose destination was Rome . Verse 85 . From Roman , Paul And His New Disciples Who Taught Of Simon Bar Jesus As If He Was Yashua Bar Ha Mashiakh Gained Much Oppsition , Verse 86 . For remember , one other Simon Bar Jesus was Crucified there . Verse 87 . In time after much prosecution these Christain found acceptance with a Roman Emperor Constantine . Verse 88 . Which Declared All Roman , Christians And Established The Catholic Church . Establishing Peter As The First Pope On To This Day . Verse 89. A group of men formed the second Nicean Council which was called by Empress Irene in 787 A.D. Verse . 90 . Where the Nicean Decree of 325 A.D. was revolt and the principals governing the veneration of images were laid down . This was the birth of Christianity .

Verse 91 . And They Decided What Is To Be Accept And What Is To Be Rejected . Verse 92 . Any Teaching That Made It Clear That There Was More , Than One Jesus In His Time . Verse 93 . And More Than One Set Of Teachings Or The Truth Of The Crucifixion Was ( Thrown Away As A fiction ) . Verse 94 . Thus , Many Of The ( Original Book That Told The True Story Were Lost . And From Paul And Luke You Have The Many Churches Of Today ; Verse 95 . Catholic , Roman , Greek Russian , Coptic , Ethiopian Coptic , Verse 96 . Lutheran , Protestant , Episcopalian , Baptist , Unitarian , Pentecostal , Verse 97 . Seventh Day Adventist , Jehovah's Witness , Quaker , Mormon , Amish , Holiest , New Age , Verse 98 . Spirtual Baptist , Santeria , Marianites , Collyridians , Salvation Army , The Red Cross . Verse 99 . Methodist , African Methodist , Episcopalian , The Divine Order Of Selasswi , Workd Wide Church , Verse 100 . YMCA , YWCA , Church of God and Christ , Judahites For Jesus , Shepherd's , Rods , PTL , Davidians , Rosicrucians , Astara , Jesuit , Anglicans , KKK , The Assembly Of God , Puritans , Soliar . Temple .
The Cross Can Be Found In Two Places , One On Top Of The Churchs , And The Other On Top Of The Grave , The One On To Of The Churchs Is Where The Mentalty Dead Are , And The One On Top Of The Grave Is , Where The Physical Dead Lay .

It's Not The Things One Knows That Get Him Or Her In Trouble , Its The Things One Knows That Just Isn't So That Get Them In Trouble

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