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Default from Rizqyian to Etherian


In Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity, Energy is proportional to the product of Mass and the square of the speed of light. Basically, this translates into E = MC^2 or E = M x C^2. Keep in mind that the word MASS can be traced to the Metu Neter word MES, which means "to be born." In addition, the right side of the equation is interesting for it renders mathematically the product [M]13 x [C^2]3^2 = 13 x 9. The result of this product yields the numerical value 117. Not only is the value 117 a symbolic number for mass-energy-light equivalence but also it is the alpha-numeric sum for the word NUWAUPU, Sound Right Reason, Light of Pure Reason. The word NUWAUPU can be traced to the metu Neter verb WBN (Weben) or WBNW (wabanoo), which means "to rise in brillance", "to shine." The Bennu bird or the legendary Phoenix is the cosmological process of the Light of Pure Reason; that is from Rizqyian (mass) to Etherian (energy). Modern science maps this equivalence via MC^2 = 13 x 9 = 117 = NUWAUPU.

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