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Default The Rope (Moor) of Allah


Salvation is the rope of Allah. The rope (salvation) of Allah is liken to a rope for mooring a ship. The main idea of the 3rd surah 103rd ayah is to secure or anchor oneself in a particular place in space, matter, and time (SMAT). To Moor a ship is to secure it at a particular place at sea; as holding onto the rope of Allah is to anchor man’s heart to the heart of Allah. The heart is the meeting place of man and Allah. Lastly, the 103rd ayah reminds us that the alpha-numeric value for the word NUWAUBU is 103. In minutes of arc, this value is 6180. Not only is this the angle of the water molecule but also it mathematically depicts the geometry for the whirling waters of Spirit, known in sacred geometry as PHI (Moor of Allah in space, matter, and time).

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