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Default Mathematical DNA

Great Peace (Kache Langundowakan)!!!

Element Lesson, Wind (Nefu):

What is the narrative behind the diffraction pattern of DNA?

Pa Neter Ra (Heru Neterkhet, God Manifest):

The narrative is “Helical X.” The word Helix means “twisted curve (Torsion Mechanics).” The letter “X” depicts the four place holders or four Bacab of Mayan cosmogony. Each Bacab ruled an azimuth and was associated with wind deities called PAWAHTUN. Each wind deity preferred a color for their station or rulership. For example, the North wind deity prefers WHITE (Zac Pawahtun), the South wind deity favors YELLOW (Chan Pawahtun), the East wind deity favors RED (Chaac Pawahtun), and the West wind deity prefers BLACK (Ik Pawahtun). The torsion mechanics of DNA illustrates the moment of force (torque) inherent in its cosmic design. In a plane, DNA resembles the letter X; however, in space DNA resembles a helicoid with right-hand or left-hand twists. In hyper-space, super-consciousness, and beyond, DNA is 9-Mind. The torsion mechanics inherent in human DNA stems cosmically from the four winds (pawahtuns) or four Bacabs, whom in science are the four fundamental forces of the universe i.e. Gravity, Electro-magnetism, Strong interaction, and Weak interaction. The multiplication table of the number 9, holds the key to the shape and existence of DNA, which I have coined: MATHEMATICAL DNA.

May the Great Spirit (Kache Manitou) continue to breathe life into our good thoughts!

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