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Default ( What Is 9 Ether ? )

( Noowah - Poo ) '' Black Magic '' , the spiritual science of you the Nubians , Nuwaupians , Blacks . The root of the word '' Ethiopian '' Is Ether '' and in middle English

means Upper Air '' or from Latin '' Aether '' and Greek '' Aither '' . Ghost is lower and ether is Upper or the highest , Anu or On . It's all about breath and breathing Khayeem

with 2 YODS as found in the Torah or Bible in the Hebrew . In Genesis 2;7 As Neshawmah Khayeem , which is Ether , Divine Spirit , forever and Khay '' Life '' in Genesis 2;8 as

Nephesh Khay with one YOD For Ghost . ETHER is the creative power that the sun and other true stars produce and emanate . When the planet was forming and was in a state of

Desolation or Void and Darkness there were Forces that were on this planet , Jeremaith 4;23 . These forces were 9 Ether . These Black forces created life in the water first .

Hydrocarbons were present in these waters . Hydrocarbon is simple methane or benzene gas that only contains hyrogen and carbon . Hydro-Carbon ; Hydro from Hudor means Wet

or Water , and Carbon from Latin Carbo '' Charcoal Black '' . So These Black gases of 9 Ether are the Celestial origin of all Ethiopians , Tama - Reye-aat '' Egiptians '' Blacks ;

being behind the NINE BALL or known Nine Planets of this new solar system . We as ETHERIANS were trapped within the earth's atmosphere , because we breathe in bad air ,

until the year 2000 . which is 6000 years and the end of Apep '' Apophis '' Rule . You Are 9-ETHER BEINGS Behind The Nine Ball . who are called Blacks and all the NUWAUPIANS

are from the original NUWBUNS born Black As Coal ; for 9 Ether is the power that produced the Pygmy , the Kishites / Kushites , also known as Zulu or Lulu , the ancestral

tree of all woolly - haired people who were pre-dynastic Tama - Re '' Egipt '' Accordingly . Greek philosopher , such as Diodorus states how the Ethiopians are Egiptians ;

And Upon His Return To Greece . They Gathered Around And Asked . Tell Us About This Great Land Of The Blacks Called Ethiopia , And Herodotus Said , There Are Two Great

Ethiopian Nation . One In Sind ( India ) And The Other In Egypt . '' And even the god of the Bible is from Tama-Re '' Egypt '' As found in Hosea 12;9 '' ... And I Am The Lord , Thy God From The Land Of Egypt ....

At one time all Africa and the nearby surrounding lands . before the parting of Africa from Asia and other territores , was called '' Ethiopia '' or ETHER - UTOPIA ( Genesis 2; 13 ) .

Kuwsh called Kish in Pre-Bible times , is now El Habasha and the Atlantic Ocean was called the Ethiopian Ocean . There was only one ocean and many land masses .

Before the separation of the land due to explosions and continental drift , the masses were once called Ganawa . Therefore . There are two Kuwsh ( Cush ) . The Kush / Cush

mentioned in Genesis 10 ; 6 came many years before the Kuwsh , son of Ham . In Genesis 2; 13 '' Ethiopian '' is a name that gives woolly - hair people their celestial origin , terrestrial

origin , and ancestral origin . Hence , Ethiopian Utopia was the best all around name identification for mentally resurrected Woolly - Haired people , until NUWAU-PU , by the

power of 9-Ether , gave you Blacks your new - cycle name , NUWAUPIANS , New Beings . You must accept and implement these facts , for the time is at hand . The year 2000 A.D.

was in actuality the end of the 6,000 year AH '' Moon '' Cycle , and brought in the new Re'' Sun '' Cycle . We are RE '' Sun '' People .
The Cross Can Be Found In Two Places , One On Top Of The Churchs , And The Other On Top Of The Grave , The One On To Of The Churchs Is Where The Mentalty Dead Are , And The One On Top Of The Grave Is , Where The Physical Dead Lay .

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