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Default ( What Are Cycles ? )

All of these form of Spookism and Demon worship have been water down , which then get taught to you such as ; Judaism , Christianity , Al Islaam , African Islaam , Ansaar Islaam , The Nation Of Islaam , The Five Percenters , The Bahaism , or Sikhism .

Within the Islaamic world alone , there are many thousand of mythological spirit worshippers , which you no longer need . In Christianity , the list of denominations , the list are numerous , Some examples are Judaism , Hebrewism , Israelite Hebrews ,

Rastafaraism , Coptic and Falasha , Now is the time for the truth and nothing but the truth . FACTS and nothing but Facts . If you can't prove the validity of your prophet , messiahs , mahdis , religious Sites , Dates , or Spiritual Promises , You Cannot Use it .

Pa Miraat '' The Pyramids '' are real . You lived there . You built them ; That Was Your Work . This Is The Black Sciences , '' Black Magic '' . But , first you must OverStand that the OverStandIng of names . meaning , and plurality and languages , is the key to

OverStandIng the first tablets recorded in the tongue of CUNEIFORM . Apophis , Through The Spell Of AMAM , '' Leviathan '' has used these methods to control the minds and thought patterns of Black prople the world over . Through OverStandIng and Righ

Guidance , you will OverCome the spell of [ Mental Bondage , ] that has kept you [ Bound In Chain For 4,004 years before 2000 A.D. years ago . As for Eve whose rightful name is Hawwah ( Nekaybaw she was the daughter of the great Ura '' Ruler '' of the kingdoms of

the Blue and White Niles in Sudan , In the Land of Ganawa today called Africa . Her father , whose name was Ptah . stood in stature not more than 4 feet , but in greatness a Giant , ( Daughter of Ptah And Anath ) ;.... Her mother was the beautiful princess named

Anath '' Athirat '' . Together they ruled in peace and harmony . These are the families and tribes who found favor in the eye of the creator , Anu , who was A'lyun A'lyun El as found in the tablets , called ENUMA ELISH , recorded in the ancient CUNEIFORM .

You were made to believe that all of these people of your Ancestry Were Myths . Now , each day the Ghost - Man , Ghost People , find and open a new Tomb and have recently found out that Asaru '' Osiris '' , Aset '' Isis '' . and Haru '' Horus '' were real people not Myths .

The forces of nature Pa Neteru '' The Supreme '' are revealing themselves for all eyes to see that they are indeed real and are taking back their rightful place in the universe and all false things shall perish . The mythological gods that so many of you have accepted as real

will be revealed but it is up to you to wake up from the state of Amnesia that has plagues your Soul for so long . Religion teaches you to accept what is given to you With-Out Question-Ing Also , And that there was more than one Rameses ll '' Ra-moses ''

( Haru '' Horus '' Son Of Asaru And Aset / Rameses '' Ra -moses '' Son of Seti l ) . ;... And Anubu '' Setukh '' Set '' Ahmose Aahmes and Narmer '' Menes '' were out family gods , and are revealing themselves each day , Where is your's ???

El's Suhuf , Tablet of Life , as translated from the Cuneiform 10 pages of Adam Son of Atum , 4 ; 235 , And I Quote ; '' Nekaybaw Was 4Ft Tall Of Fair Complexion . She Had 7,000 Long Braids In Her Hair . Nekaybaw Had A Broad Face With A Wide Nose And Thick Lips . It Was Destined That The Desceded Of Zakar , And Nekaybaw Would Have A Variety Of Characters Between The Two Extremes .

The great rulers , Ptah and his wife Anath , were the first beings to come back out of the center of the planet Ta '' Earth '' after the meterorite hit 2,25000 years ago . This was the

beginning of the Ah '' Moon '' Cycle . the cycle of Haylal , Apep ( Apophis ) in Tama - Reye '' Egiptian '' doctrine and the 200 Fallen Angels ( Refer To Revelation 12 ; 9 - 10 & Isaiah 14;2 ) .

Tarnush ( Revelation 12 ; 9 - 10 ) was of those beings that were cast from Malakuwt . There were 1/3 of the heavenly host in all Ghost G - Host , God's Host .

He rebelled against the creation of Kadmon Adam ( Zakar ) . Haylal , Apep '' Apophis '' and the 200 that followed him warred and caused mischief and bloodshed amongst the good Qa'hat '' Agreeable '' Neteraat , Eloheem , Anubbaqi ,

Revelation 12;9 ( Modern Greek Script ) And I Quote ; And The Great Evil One Was Put Out Of The Skies That Old Snake Called The Devil And Satan Who Deceived The Whole World

He Was Put Out . And In The Planet Earth Him And His Disagreeable Angelic Beings Cherubeem With Him < Right Translation In Greek By Neter ; A'aferti Atum - Re >

( Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D. )
And The Great Dragon Was Cas Out , That Old Serpent . Called The Devil , And Satan , Which Deceiveth The Whole World ; He Was Cast Out Into The Earth , And His Angels Were Cast Out With Him ''
The Cross Can Be Found In Two Places , One On Top Of The Churchs , And The Other On Top Of The Grave , The One On To Of The Churchs Is Where The Mentalty Dead Are , And The One On Top Of The Grave Is , Where The Physical Dead Lay .

It's Not The Things One Knows That Get Him Or Her In Trouble , Its The Things One Knows That Just Isn't So That Get Them In Trouble

Peace In The Lamb Is True-ly Wonderful
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