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Default ( What Are Cycles ? )

delight '' In ancient times , it was called the land of Mu and Lumeria , presently known as Saudi Arabia / Mecca . Once the Netchnetch '' Disagreeable '' Neteraat '' '' The Supreme Beings '' Eloheem . Anunnaqi '' reigned down on them , a great explosion

caused the parting of the land of Asia from the land of Africa , ( A Continental Drift ) . thus creating the sea of blood presently called the Red Sea . which shiften the Ta '' Earth '' to a 23 1/2 degree axis . After this time Kadmon , Adam ( Zakar ) and Hawwah ( Eve

Nekaybaw ) studied the tablets given to them by the Eloheem . Anunnaqi Apsu and Tiamat , who are equivalent to Pa . Neter Nun and Pa Netert Nunet in ancient Tama -Re '' Egipt '' They were known as marine life Nun ( Fresh Water ) And Nunet ( Salt Water ) . from which all life came . This is why it is said that man comes from the sea , from water
( Quran '' Koran 25;54 ) .

El's Holy Qur'aan 25 ; 54 , Revealed In The Year 614 A.D. And I Quote ; And it is He ( He Not We ) who <Khalaq> Created from < Al Maa ) ' the Water a <Bashar> Mortal In Skin
( evolution from water ) , then He ( He Not We ) made a <Nasaban> Lineage ' for him ( mix seed of evoluted man , Homo Erectus , to the seed of the Anunnaqi to make Homo Sapien ) and a <Sihran> Relationship ( Human Seed with Deity seed ) and your Rabb , who is the Sustainer , is the <Qadeer> Ever-Powerful '' .

As you know , the Enuma Elish Tablets contains the real creation story from your Bible . Although the story bears similarites to the Biblical Story of creation , there are striking difference . The Enuma Elish perceived deities in human incarnated forms ,

coming from the stars or star people of Pa Re '' The Sun '' , and the children of them , called humans , coming from the sea , its belief was that there must be a male and female for creation ( pro-creation ) to take place . This is in sharp contrast to Pa Tama - Hu or

Ghost man's view of creation in their Bible . There was a ghost called Gad or God 7,000 Years or so ago while in the dark and talking to himself , ( and of course it's a him in the all male chauvinistic society ) , in only 6 Days Of 24 Hour each , he created with a wave of his hand , the whole world .

( Along With Each Living Thing From Whales To Insects ; And Then On The 7th Day , Went To Sleep . He Then , Came In Unto A Woman Named Mary Gave Birth To Himself , And Called Himself The Savior Or Jesus . Only To Be Crucified On A Cross As His Own FATHER And The Son Of '' God '' Just For Your Sins , Oh By The Way , He Is Also Tama - Hu , So Were Kadmon , Adam ( Zakar ) And Hawwah ( Eve , Nekaybaw ) ,

were ousted by the Eloheem Neteraat '' Supreme Beings '' from Gan ( enclosed garden of Delight ) Genesis 2 ; 15 , And sent forth to wander and refill Pa Ta '' The Earth '' to replenish Pa Ta '' The Earth '' and to subdue Pa Ta '' The Eaerth '' ( Genesis 3;23 )

Authored by ;
The Supreme Grand Hierophant S.G.H.
720th Degree
Amunnbi Raakhptah ( Atum -Re )
Mir'' Pyramid '' No . 9
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The Cross Can Be Found In Two Places , One On Top Of The Churchs , And The Other On Top Of The Grave , The One On To Of The Churchs Is Where The Mentalty Dead Are , And The One On Top Of The Grave Is , Where The Physical Dead Lay .

It's Not The Things One Knows That Get Him Or Her In Trouble , Its The Things One Knows That Just Isn't So That Get Them In Trouble

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