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Question: What does it mean to have tyrosinase in the human genome?

Pa Neter Ra (The Serpent King, Anishi-Nupu, Original Man):

The copper atom is essential in melanin production for the human species. Copper (Cu), as you know, is a transition metal and it has similar electric and magnetic properties associated with its sister transition metals Gold (Au) and Silver (Ag). Copper is the center element in tyrosinase as iron is to hemoglobin and magnesium is to chlorophyll. This is the true bio-science in over-standing the Red (Blood), Black (Melanin), and Green (Chlorophyll).

Tyrosinase is an oxidase, meaning that it is an enzyme that catalyzes (speeds up) an oxidation-reduction or REDOX reaction. A REDOX reaction is simply a chemical reaction that describes the loss or gain of electrons of an atom in a chemical compound. Tyrosinase speeds up the initial steps in the transformation of tyrosine into melanin, which is a major pigment housed in melanocytes. It is well known that the human tyrosinase gene is mapped to a region on chromosome 11.

The deficiency, alterations in the tyrosinase gene, or lack of activity of tyrosinase in the human genome leads to moderate to heavy mutations (e.g., from melanin-ite to albin-ite). These mutations stem from the interplay of information of the moon cycle (silver/Rahowa) and information of the sun cycle (gold/copper/Nuwaupu) i.e. the ebb and flow of melanin bio-technology. Simply, changes in nature's instructions happen biologically and chemically. Remember, the message is life and the conveyor of life is existence (Science of Gods and Earths).

Sunlight stimulates vitamin D production, which facilitates Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphates (salts), etc., through the solar plexus region of the human structure. The solar plexus chakra is a component of the etheric body that acts as the primary portal for the flow of energy (MC^2 = 13 x 9) between the more dense etheric body (earth/naasuwt) and the more rarified etheric body (kosmos/malakuwt). As you know, calcium atoms build bone, magnesium atoms build and connects tissue, and phosphate (salts) ions electrify fluid/liquid rendering lightning (chaac) in the blood stream, semen, catamenia, and other vital aqueous solutions housed in the human body essential for life's conveyance through existence.

I have returned to unify upper and lower ameXema.

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