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Greetings and Great Peace!

Simply, good health requires the following things for man to be in balance or in harmony: (a) circulation of blood, (b) exercise of the mid-section and suitable diet, (c) regular rest of the nervous system, and (d) etheric and physical balance of all cells in the body. The brain lives in the physical body (naasuwt). The mind exist on the mental plane (malakuwt). And yet beyond the plane of mind is the SELF (laahuwt). Earthly researchers have uncovered that astrocytes (star cells) throughout the brain and spinal cord provide an additional means of computing power. Utilizing waves of calcium ions, these astrocytes are known to provide an additional tier of intelligence processing that resemble and interact with the intelligence processing of neurons. Calcium, as you know, is an alkaline earth metal. This metal assimilates into the human body with the help of Sunshine, which is screened by melaninated (cuprous) skin and eyes. As with astrocytes and neurons, the realms of naasuwt, malakuwt, and laahuwt through and through the living mind (living spirit) provide additional tiers of intelligence processing. The ultimate return…El Kuluwm, the All, alone is real.

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