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Exclamation The PALEMAN Revised Edition # 20

You cannot name one animal on the planet Earth that has problems toleration the sun . That is because that's how Allah planned it . Why is it that the Pale Skinned People can't Survive in the Sun without getting Skin Cacer or any other kind of Skin Disorder ? Prolonged Exposure to the Sun causes their Skin start Peeling and Burning and eventually leading to Skin Cancer . Thus in their pursuit to be Darker they have invented Skin tanning pills because of their intolerance to the sun . If Allah wanted them Dark they would have been made Dark . Why do you think everytime they try to Suntan ( Get Darker ) something happens to them ? Don't they realize that Allah gives color to whom He pleases !

Al Qur'aan ( The Koran ) 114 Books Of Ahmad ( Muhammad ) 2 ; 138 [ Revealed 624 - 626 A.D. ] , Where It States ; It Is Allah Coloring ; And Who Is Better Than Allah In Coloring ? And We ( Angelic And Mortal Beings ) Are His Servants ( He , Allah , Made Everything The Way He Wanted .

Remember when the Devil appeared to Eve in the garden ? He appeared as a snake ( a cold - blooded animal ) to trick Eve and cause her and the Prophet Adam to be expelled from the Garden . This was a sign from the Almighty for you to reflect on and realize that these Canaanites ( Pale Race ) , like reptiles , who also shed ( loses ) skin and peel easily are as I've stated mutants ; and let's not forget that man was created in Africa , the Hottest Place On Earth . If the Paleman was the original inhabitant of the planet Earth why is it he has such a hard time copying with the Sun now ? What did he do to protect himself from the Sun then ? Ask Them That Question !!!

If the Canaanites , like every other race of people and like the animals , are supposed to live under the Sun and on the planet Earth , why does it ( The Sun Kill Them ) ?? If Allah planned for them to dwell under the Sun , shouldn't they be able to lay on the Beaches Like Every Other Race Of People Without Getting Sunburn And Skin Cancer? They obviously must not be part of the Original Creation , but must have Mutated . They are a Cursed Seed whose very body can't Survive like all other creatures . Allah created ( Formed ) and precisely measured the first man the Prophet Adam who was Nubian ( Black ) . He was one that was brought into existence as never before . This is contrary to the Paleman who you see came from a Disease called Leprosy . The Paleman was made from a being ( Canaan ) original creation . He unlike the Prophet Adam was not formed , shaped or created .

Genesis 2 ; 7 , Where It States ; And Indeed The Sustainer The Creator ( Allah ) Formed The Human Being ( Adam ) From The Dust Of The Planet Earth And Blew Into ( Adam ) Nostrils The Breath Of Life ; So He ( Adam ) Became A Human Being With A Living Sprit .

The Paleman originated from the ( Curse of Leprosy ) that was placed on Ham's fourth Son , Canaan ( Refer to Genesis 9 ; 25 ) . Where It States ; And He Said ( Cursed be Canaam ) A Servant Of Servant Shall He Be Unto His Brethren

No matter how you look at it , the problem between the Nubian Man and the Paleman ( Canaanite ) is that of Race ! To say it very bluntly , the Paleman Is Very Jealous Of Your Black Skin . Notice from the beginning of his civilization , he has been obsessed with being Superior . You don't see any Nubian Man running around calling themselves ,

'' Superman '' , Supergirl '' , '' Bionic Woman '', Tarazan'' , Six Million Dollar Man '' , Indiana Jones '' , 007 James Bond '' etc ,etc etc , do you ? These '' Superhero ' movies they make reflect their obsession of being superior . Ninety percent ( 90% ) of the movies shows them dodging bullets , sometimes outrunning them , always catching the bad guys and defying death ; and when it's a Choice Between the Nubian ( Black ) Guy And The Paleman / White Guy Getting Killed , The Nubian ( Black ) Guy Guys Always Get It .

This Is All Put Forth To ( Subliminally Suggest To You That You Have To Be White In Order To Survive . You've heard the '' Slogan '' If You're Black Get Back , If You're Brown Stick Around , If Your White You're Right '' .

These thoughts reflect the true way the Paleman ( Devil ) feels about you . Sure there are movies that portray what you call '' poor white trash '' , but the superhero image is much more prevalent than the Uneducated Image . This is how they portray Us in the movies '' Step N' Fetch It '' ( Something A Dog Does ) , '' Amos '' N '' Andy '' , Superfly '' , Shaft '' , Cotton Comes To Harlem '' , Because Those Are By Black Producers And Directory just to name a few . Modern day Nubian like Whoopi Goldberg , Gary Coleman ( Arnold Drummond ) , of Different Strokes '' ( Arnold is used for pigs ) and Jackee Harry of ''227 '' are projecting the type of image you don't want your children to watch .
The Cross Can Be Found In Two Places , One On Top Of The Churchs , And The Other On Top Of The Grave , The One On To Of The Churchs Is Where The Mentalty Dead Are , And The One On Top Of The Grave Is , Where The Physical Dead Lay .

It's Not The Things One Knows That Get Him Or Her In Trouble , Its The Things One Knows That Just Isn't So That Get Them In Trouble

Peace In The Lamb Is True-ly Wonderful
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