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Default Who is noopooh and what is noone?

Hotep Kin! I present this for Nuwaupians who may not be sure as to what is NoopooH and Noone Science or who may be mislead into thinking that it is simply a derivative of the 9 Ball & BIAE Series. If you haven't read the books I suggest you do so.

4. Listen to Reason! For the benefit of the listening audience and the reading public likewise, The Name NOOPOOH is spelled N-O-O-P-O-O-H and pronounced NOO-POO --the H is silent and capitalized. In .American English Dictionaries and Ancient Philosophy, NoopooH is spelled N-O-U-S and pronounced NOOS. NoopooH is the COSMIC REASON also called SOUND RIGHT REASON and NINE-REASON, and NOONE (which is spelled N-O-O-N-E and indeed pronounced NOON) is The Science of Sound Right Reason Who is definitely The Best Mind of The One Supreme Being. NoopooH is surely The Original Prime-Mover and Original Creator of The Universes and the original persons, places, and things thereof. NoopooH is The First Emanation of The One Supreme Being, that is to say, The Creative Powers of Nature Who GREW The Universes of Absolute Nature into creation order. Therefore, NoopooH (Sound Right Reason) is indeed also The Resurrector of The Mental Dead, those who are ignorant about The Positive Knowledge of Absolute Nature and Its laws. Let it be known!

5. Listen to Reason! The Ethereal Science of Sound Right Reason is Noon for sure, and Noone is also The Science of Liberation for The Mental Dead. Noone is The Truth and The Science of Mental Resurrection and Liberation from adverse forces, because It deals in correct information and imparts vital knowledge to those who are ignorant about the nature of, laws of, and requirements of The One Supreme Being by Whom we all survive and have our existence and consciousness. Like NoopooH is The Ethereal Powers of Noone, Noone is The Ethereal Science of NoopooH that deals in beginnings and endings of persons, places, and things, and their developments and declinations. Noone is The Ethereal Question-and-Answer Science; therefore, It does not just make for beautiful words but likewise provides Positive Knowledge for survival, liberation, and better living,plus the knowledge peoples need to know for mental food and mental growth. Noone is The Nature of Nature in words of knowledge and positiveness. Please let it be known!

-Excerpt from Transcript of The Introduction To The Nature of Nature Pg.2

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