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Peace Be Unto You All,

Question: Can you reveal the significance of the word “uplift”?

My Comments:

Yes. As a verb, the word “Uplift” means to improve socially, culturally, economically, politically, and ethically. The latter stems from the Greek word Ethos, which means “character.” The square, compass, axe, hammer, plane, chisel, line, plummet, and the saw, are the nine tools used in the workshop of the mind (malakuwt) in which humans build up character (Circle 7 Koran, Ch. 5). As a noun, “Uplift” is the process or work for improving the social, intellectual, moral, economic, political, and cultural conditions of our people, whom are falsely classified and identified as Negroes, Black People, Colored Folks, Ethiopians, et cetera. In other words, to uplift is the act of lifting up, building up, or rising (wbn/wbnw). The object of the Moorish Temple of Science, on November 29th, 1926, as a Corporation (Body Politic), was to uplift fallen humanity and to teach those things necessary for men and women to become better Citizens. In Nuwaubu, Atum-Re instructs us to take ourselves as rough raw uncut stones and carve ourselves into Perfect stones, so that we become the building blocks for a better life, that is taking a good person like you and me and just make ourselves better. Therefore, the application of the ancient science for rising in radiance, upliftment (weben or wau bu nu) is incorporated, part and parcel, in this Said government. This is why you have The Great Seal of the United States (i.e., 720 degrees in all). The object for which the Corporation (MT of S = 13 + 20 + 19 = 52 = 5+2 = 7) was formed is founded upon the act of “upliftment (wbn or wbnw).” This act, in connection with the resurrection of Asar (Osiris) or with the resurrected Osiris, corresponds to the renewal of the Sun and the Sirius star system. The Lord of Jubilees (50 year cycles) is an attribute of Osiris (Sirius) for he is the Lord of the 50 year cycle at which moment in space, matter, and time Freedom/Liberty is to be proclaimed throughout the whole Earth and every man is to be given back his possessions and sent back to his circle of relatives (Leviticus, Ch. 25).

The year 2013 marks 100 years or two Jubilees from 1913. According to the Nubian Number (9 to the 9th power of 9), the 20th sequence is 315-T and the 13th sequence is 283-M. Their respective sums are 3+1+5 = 9 and 2+8+3 = 13. The product for 9 x 13 is 117, which is the digit sum for the words NUWAUPU and DIVINE LOVE. As an uplifting force, light is the catalyst in the equation E = MC^2 (13 x 9). Do you see the transformation of mass into energy in the Great Seal?

In Providence (al-Razzaq)

Pa Neter Ra (Nebtwy Kha Sekhemwy, The two Ladies, the Powerful ones have risen)
United We Rise, Divided We Fall
9 x 13 (Divine Love)
Pa Neter Ra
By Teaching, We Learn
9 x 13

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