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Default My story

Raahubaat hau,

I thought i might share a story i've been writing for a while with you all. It's kind of long so i'll break it up into parts small enough to enjoy. The story is completely fictional and bears no resemblence to anything historical or written fictional work, at least not on purpose. feel free to comment or question. enjoy!

ktr a'shuq
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Abdur Kull Istaskhaagaat wa Baazun amma Farug-un shil Kuluwm
Bismi Kuluwm

Madjet Khafre entered the circle of elders quietly as not to be noticed. Though he was grown, he wasnt grown enough to disrespect the tribunal without reproach. He took his place on the ground on a mat, next to Aker, his childhood friend.
"utcha sena." Madjet whispered to Aker.
"utcha luk." Aker replied in a similar tone. His eyes were trained on the center of the tribunal circle. The evening twilight air was humid and the sky was clear enough to see the stars. Madjet let himself get lost in the vastness of the night sky. he loved the stars. It reminded him of his care-free days with his friends Aker, Aniba, and Sekhemra. Many nights like this they had spent under the stars in the city common talking about the boundless future. Since then, he had lost his friend Sekhemra in the war with the Tuta invaders. Madjet snatched his attention from the sky and focused on the elder in the center of the circle.

"Our forces have dwindled greatly this past month in scuffles with the Tuta at river banks and along high plains! How long can we withstand their advances without reinforcements from the great Mir? We must move quickly before we lose all that we hold dear." The elder pleaded. His focus fell primarily on a group of three individuals at the head of the circle; two males and one female , of which the woman was the highest with the two men on either side of her. The three looked well into their 90's yet still full of life and determination. The female elder spoke.
"At what cost? If we leave now and the Tuta move in we will lose much of our life here. Our ancestors, the ancient ones, established this land for us in time immemorial. We have continued their legacy in glory and strength for centuries. Will we turn away now from the duty to protect and honor the spirits of the ancients?"
"Yaa Nezdert Qemamu, I beseech you to reconsider. If we stay for now, we put the future of our women and children in great jeopardy." The arguing elder stated. There was as much strength and determination in his eyes as there was fear. Off-side of the dispute a smaller framed brother raised his hand timidly, signaling he had something to add to the discussion. The male elder on the left side of the high female noticed his silent request.
"Our brother has something to say." he said, pointing in the man's direction. The Man stood slowly from his cross legged position. His voice was meek and baritone.

"Kar adub. with respect, to the triad and my brothers and sisters here, I agree this the shuyukh. My name is Amsure and i live in the Djeser district with my wife and son. I have fought face-to-face with the Tuta and i am here to say that we don't stand much of a chance if we stay. The Tuta are fierce and relentless. I fear for my wife and child that they might witness the rape and pillage of all that we love. If we move now and seek the protection and asylum of the great Mir, the great stronghold of the ancients in times of war, we will have a chance to reclaim our land. If we stay, we perish."
"You speak as if we have already lost! Do you have any faith in the power and resilience of our people?" the male elder snapped.
"I have the greates confidence in us. Right now, with our forces spread so thin, our best move is to see aid in the city of the Mir." Amsure said.
"surely, with enough time to pull together more forces we can stop the Tuta in his tracks."
"Respect dear elder, but before the shadow fell on us, my unit spotted the Tuta afar on the hills of Haru!... There is no more time." Amsure said in great finality. A murmur spread through the tribunal. The Hills of Haru were only a day away and were viewable from the lighthouse of the city. Who knows how fast the Tuta were moving. The faces of the elder triad well solemnly. Nezdert Qemamu seemed particularly stone-faced. Silence lingered for a moment over the tribunal circle as everyone waited for the triad to regain their minds. Nezdert Qemamu spoke.

"The near future looks dim, hau-ee. The time for decision is now." She stood strongly on her two legs now. "It is up tp you my children. Let all see the hands of those who wish to stay and fight. The risk of the demolishment of the our culture, our people, our families hangs in the ether. Yet, if we win, we win safety, liberation, and a fearless future for the youth. Come now and let all see."
A gathered rustling occurred as people, men and women, began to stand. Short and stocky, tall and lanky, ruddy brown figures made themselves known. A small populace was erected, composed almost entirely of men with pug faces formidable enough to divert the course of armeggedon.
"Thank you. You may sit. Now let us all see those who believe the great Mir city is where we should go, at least for the the time being. We may lose the land of our mothers and fathers and a few of us on the journey into the arms of the stronghold. Yet, we may find ourselves empowered by the ancients to receive the aid and asylum of the Mir to defeat the Tuta! Let us see." Nezdert Qemamu commanded. A considerably larger populations stood, with eyes as sure as the rising sun. Madjet stood too. He looked at the elder in the center of the circle who was now knealing in front of the triad with eyes peering into the dust of the earth.
"You see, respected elders, that this is the best. Let's travel to the great stronghold of the Mir." He said. The male triad elder, who had been silent the entire time, finally spoke. His eyes were filled with wisdom and his voice had the rasp of time.

"Gather your families. Tell all you know. We must go to the Mir, the stronghold of our people. The Tuta are fierce but they are no contest to the power of the ancients. You men who offered your bodies to battle will be the guards of the new seeds to the Mir. Grab your weapoens and we will all meet in the city common in WAHU NENU... Say a prayer for our protection. This tribunal is dismissed. Hotep Lakum."
"Hotep Lakum." The immense crowd of people repeated. All at once, the fields of bodies disbanded. Madjet turned to look at his friend, Aker. Aker stared back at him.
"Hayanaa zahub!" Aker said, and they walked hastily through the spotless streets of NUWRHAR, The city of the Light of Haru.

more coming...
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Tawuhaat Sena Shamushre9...
This must be sent to the Master Teacher.
Great story. Its a likely_hood that this occured already
in ourstory.

A Pearl indeed.
My favorite line is:
"The Tuta are fierce but they are no contest to the power of the ancients".

"What is a nation without a force"
Dr. Malachi Z. York

More Please
- Maat Re -
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Bismi Kuluwm

Madjet was quiet. He noticed that droves of people scurrying about, trying to gather only their necessities. He felt somehow out of place. The nervous hurried feeling that showered his neighbors, his city, was a cold stranger. Usually, life led a relaxed pace. Friends and family mosied along the streets to the stores, schools, and businesses. Now everything was disturbed. Even the clouds seemed to fly higher and faster than they had before as if they were afraid of being contaminated by the air of uncertainty.
"where did the Tuta come from?!" Aker finally said breaking the silence. "Were they not happy where they came from?"
"I don't know. Messenger from that hall of the triad in Dub said they are nomads who are known for resting in the caves of Apep." Madjet said thoughtfully. "There are really little to no resources in that area. Just cold famine." He continued.
"Then they could barter from us for those resources. This destruction is senseless and animalistic." Aker added. His brow was furrowed with great strain.
"I'm not justifying it, sena-ee. Just trying to overstand it. When the city of Dub fell to the Tuta, they killed the men and took the women. Many children were left abandoned. Those adults who did survive and escaped gathered the seeds and either came here to NuwrHar or to the Mir. The Tuta cannot deny the gross injustices they've made against Ma'at--"
"And that's what i pray the ancestors, that Ma'at be swift and stern in her Judgement." Aker's fist were clencheed tightly in anger.

His family made the move from Dub in his generation. His father was a Mustawatheeya of botany in Dub. He met Satra, Aker's mother, on one of his conferences in NuwrHar. The two liked each other immensely. They got married and decided they wanted a baby boy. Nine months later Aker Wapwawet Atun was born, five days before Madjet. Aker's father moved to NuwrHar, leaving behind his parents, friends, and family in Dub to be with Satra and little Aker. When the Tuta seiged upon Dub, not much was left of the residential areas and fields. It all went up in smoke. Aker's fatherwent there in the aftermath to find his parents and reclaim anything salvageable. He hasnt been heard from since, for some time now. Madjet and Aker rounded the street corner to where they lived. Aker lived across the street from Madjet in a three story pastel green house with beautiful sturdy white columns supporting an eave that spanned the entire second floor of the house. It was surrounded about by lush green grass. The deafening twilight of the night sky couldnt silence the vibrant green essence.
"Remember to meet me in the common. One hour." Madjet told Aker's back as he disappeared behind the front door. Madjet sprinted up the steps to his home. The knob was already moist with the dew of night. The door swung open quietly.

The living room was a wide and expansive area with waxed hardwood floors. The furniture was a cream colored set with a sofa and love seat that looked as soft as marshmallows. Two smaller figures were contrasted against the sofa.
"Baba!" the two children cried. One was taller than the other. Ari was the 13 year old boy, and Sahura was the 7 year old; daddy's precious little girl. They both found a place on Madjet's waist to cling to. Ari wrapped his thin arms around his father's hips. Sahura's little hands found his left leg. Madjet reached his hands down while stooping. He used his thick strong arms to pull them into himself.
"Yaa aruaatee" he sighed. The reality of the situation was setting in. They had to leave the comfort of their home, their land, behind.
"Ari, take your sister upstairs to pack some clothes, you too. Then meet me back here. Hurry up." madjet said commandingly.
"Is everything okay, Abby? What's wrong?" Ari's eyes seemed to pry into his father.
"yes son, but we dont have the time to talk about it now. Please, take your sister and go." He guided his children to the stairs.
"Here, Sahura." Ari said extending his hand to his sister. The two trudged up the steps. Madjet stood now in the middle of the room with a curious look on his face. He was looking for something.

"Tamara, where are you?" He shouted.
"Yaa madjet, in the kitchen." A delicate voice replied.
"come here please. it's serious." A woman with a small frame waddled into the living room. her skin was as deep as dark chocolate and as smooth as shea butter. Her hair was pulled back from her face with a wrap, only the wooly crown showed through the kente cloth. Her hands rested on her her bulging pregnant belly. It was a girl, and she was nearly ready. Tamara's eyes asked the question.
"The Tuta will march on the city soon, at least by morning.' Madjet answered. "The tribunal decided that we all go to the Mir to seek temporary asylum." Tamara looked down at her swollen belly.
"Madjet, the baby. Will we be able to makeit?" Madjet walked over to his wife. He place his hands on top of her smooth hands, on the new baby. Their eyes met. Tamara sensed a depth in Madjet's heart. She knew he would do everthing in his power to protect her and their, now three, children.
"Ma'shuqee, we must go." Madjet said almost whispering. Tamara ran her hands up Madjet's shoulders, onto his neck, and finally to cradle his head. She drew him into her bosom. He closed his eyes.
"Then let's go..." Tamara said


The comfort of the moment was destroyed by a deafening blast from outside that shook the foundations of the house as well as the sols of its inhabitants. Madjet regain his posture and sprang into action.
"Ari, Sahura!" He yelled as he headed for the stairs. The children were on their way down, the littlest one was obviously frightened.
"Baba, what's happening?" Sahura squealed.
"Come here baby." Madjet said as he picked Sahura up off of the steps and hoisted her onto his chest. She wrapped her arms around had daddy's neck. Ari ran past them towards the front door to open it. Tamara came behind him, Madjet and Sahura were in the rear.
"Dad, look!" Ari shouted from the porch. He stood in one spot pointing towards the sky. As Madjet reached the porch he looked up. A monstrous plume of black smoke filled the might sky. Hot embers showered down and traces of fire cold be seen against the skyline. On the street, people were running in every direction, primarily from the site of the explosion. Aker was on the street with his mate, Mutemra, running towards Madjet's house.

"It's the Tuta. They're here. They took down Sedjet hall." He yelled over the chaos of explosions, distant gun fire, and running people. "Everyone's on their way to the West Pylon out of the city." Aker continued. The Western Pylon was the least used road to enter and exit the sity. Most people saw it as a sort of back door. Now it was the door of salvation. Madjet wondered if they wold make it there alive. The Western Pylon was some distance from where they lived.
"Come on, let's go." madjet told his family, directing them down the stairs to the street. The group shuffled quickly down.
"Here, hand me the baby." Mutemra, Aker's wife, said with her arms outstretched.
"Go with A'mutuk, Mut." Madjet said lowly. Sahura watched quietly as she was transferred from the arms of her Ab to the bosom of her "aunt" Mut.

The group assumed the hurried flow of traffic up the street. The smell of fire lingered in the air. the night clouds were a dark ash color. In the midst of the mono-direction traffic, silhouetted bodies ran by. The family joined hands so as not to be separated. Madjet knew he had to be strong for them. He had given up his studies in genetics at the University to help fend off the advancing Tuta. He was studying to become a language and etymology teacher at his childhood elementary school, Jamu'et Imhotep. Now he wondered if it would still be standing when he got back.

more coming...

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Default I believe we have hit movie here





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Bismi Pa'ut

All of the grade schools had a "Rites of Passage" class in the course curriculum. Madjet never figured he would have to use the close combat techniques he had learned so long ago. traps, grappling, locks, punches and kicks; did he still have it all, he wondered? There were guns in the city but only the military were sanctioned to use them, and Madjet was simply a reserve. He assumed the distant gun fire was gun battle between the Tuta and NuwrHar's Mobile Infantry. The air was quick and hot. The family held tight as they crossed an intersection that led to the Western Pylon.

"There it is!" Aker said. They were going to make it.
"Aaaaahhh!" A woman shrieked. Madjet turned to see Mutemra and his daughter, Sahura being ripped from the chain they created. As he looked around, families were being torn apart everywhere by ghostly beast-like men with long, flowing, mangy hair. They came from every direction with loud gurgling shrieks bubbling out of their gapping mouths. Their frightful essence was punctuated by their glistening, shiny, and pointed canine teeth. There were careful, systematically shooting all of the men and male children that looked over the age of 10 years. Aker was caught in a tussle with the Tuta who had grabbed Mutemra by her beautiful woolly locks.

"The Tuta! It's an ambush!" Aker shouted amidst the chaos. "They were waiting for us."
Madjet rushed to help his friends. A fire burned in his chest. He would give his last breath before anyone would touch his precious Sahura. Picking up a weighty log from the ground, Madjet stood ready holding the log like a baseball bat. He had to be careful where he swung. Before him was a jumbled mass of bodies consisting of Aker, the Tuta, Mutemra, and Sahura. Madjet waited until he had a clear view of the Tuta's mangy head and, with a full bodied swing, connected the blunt end of the log with the Tuta. As he fell, the Tuta let out an exasperated grunt. Madjet dropped the log and reached for Sahura who was still in Mutemra's arms throughout the ordeal and crying.
"Are you okay baby?" He said as he hugged his daughter close. Sahura didnt respond, only cried. He leaned back to look at her. She didnt appear hurt, only shaken. Aker was inspecting his wife.
"I'm okay." Mutemra told Aker.
"Are you sure?" Aker insisted. He was gently caressing her scalp.
"yes" she seemd to respond thankingly.
"Madjet, go get your family." Aker shouted through the melee. Madjet then realized he had let go of Tamara's hand to come to his daughter's aid. he turned in her direction. Tamara and Ari were standing, apparently watching the action untouched; but it would only be a matter of time before the droves of Tutaat would spot them. Madjet ran to Tamara and Ari and grabbed his wife's hand. Sahura was still whimpering.

"Is she ok?" Tamara said kissing her daughter's cheek.
"Yeah, she's ok. Just a little shaken. Listen, our best bet is to get off of the road and cut through the forest until we reach Tarug Khonsu." Tarug Khonsu was the main road that led to the city of the Mir. The West Pylon road connected to Tarug Knosu a few miles out of the city but cutting through the woods would be faster and safer. The way was a little tougher through the brush and thick vegetation, but it would certainly be worth it. Tamara cradled her swollen belly.
"We can make it." She said firmly, indicating the new life that was growing inside of her. "Where's Mutemra and Aker?" She added. Madjet turned to face the direction where Aker and Mutemra were to find they were no longer standing there. All around them were running people. They must have gotten lost in the swarm, Madjet thought panicking.
"Aker...Aker!" He called thorough the wafting plumes of smoke that we now setting in. His eyes searched frantically for either Mutemra or Aker to no avail. It was becoming more and more difficult to see by the second and soon the immediate area would be covered in a black cloud.
"Abby!" Ari cried from behind his father. Three Tutaat marerialized through the dense atmosphere. The high full moon seemed to make their eyes glow. Madjet didnt notice any guns on them. He had a fighting chance. "Com'on!" Madjet commanded, ushering his son and wife off of the road and into the high grass on the bank. He careful handed Sahura to her mother. As he turned to ready his guard, one of the Tuta jumped on Madjet's back with great force, knocking them both to the ground. Madjet felt the slick sweat of the Tuta drip onto his arm. A thick musk emanated from its body. Madjet scrambled to his feet. The Tuta withdrew a knife from a sheath on his right hip. The blade shone brightly in the moonlight.

The Tuta lunged at Madjet with his quick streak of moonlight, making contact with his left arm. the cut felt like cold fire as it sliced through Madjet's arm and separated the muscle. Madjet's fierce opponent held the blade over its head, poised to sink the tip into Madjet's chest. Madjet caught the Tuta by the wrist in mid-thrust, crippled him with a shin-kick to the genitals, and disarmed him. Madjet lined the point of the blade with his arm and thrust deeply. The blade drew a line into the ground through the left breast of the Tuta. It screamed in agony, writhed in pain, and finally fell silent as it relaxed its grip on the breath of life. Madjet quickly yanked the blade out and spotted the other two Tutaat who, apparently had watched the battle in bewilderment. One of the two, Madjet noticed, was still a boy. he probably was only a few years older than his son, Ari. It wasnt hard to recognize the soft features of youth in the Tuta, even behind vicious canines. the older of the two looked more experienced in battle. His eyes were cold, hard, and lifeless. If the boy had guts enough to fight, Madjet thought, it would be better still if he handled the older of the pair first.

more coming...
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Bismi Pa'ut

Madjet held the knife point-down with the razor sharp blade turned away from his body. His thumb on the butt end of the handle. He gave a running start, hoping to confuse his enemy with quicker movements. As he closed in on the Tuta, Madjet lunged at its neck. He wanted to take the big guy out in one foul swoop. The plan, however, backfired. The Tuta guided Madjet's hand over its head and with a duck, used Madjet's own momentum against him to send him flying over the Tuta's head. The blade was whirled into the darkness. Madjet landed on his back with a dull thud that sent his senses reeling. The force of the impact knocked the air out of his lungs and made his head swim. He gasped for air. Through his temporarily blurred vision, Madjet could make out the Tuta as he stood over his chest. The Tuta crouched down, placing its weight squarely on Madjet's broad, yet asphyxiated chest.

Hot, sweaty, earth-scented claws slid around his neck. two thumbs pressed firmly into the soft spot on Madjet's neck. Panicking, Madjet reached his arms around and pulled up on the thumbs of the Tuta, releasing enough pressure to suck a strangled breath of life giving air into his body. The Tuta kneaded more of his body weight into the pressure point. Madjet wouldn't have it. As long as he held the Tuta's thumbs, he could not be overpowered. The Tuta yelled something out into the darkness in an unfamiliar tongue while the struggle continued. Suddenly, the boy Tuta appeared over top of them. He carried a hefty boulder that he was obviously having trouble controlling. The older Tuta grunted a command to the boy Tuta. The boy clumsily raised the boulder over his head. He was going to send the rock crashing down onto Madjet's head. Madjet realized he had to make a move. It was now or never. He waited until the boy Tuta started to bring the boulder down from over the crown of his head. NOW! Madjet rocked his hips upward, shifting the Tuta's center of gravity over his own head. Then, wrenching the Tuta's thumbs outward, his opponent started to fall directly on top of Madjet.

There was a dull cracking sound, the heavy rolling of the boulder on the ground, and finally, a thud as the Tuta collapsed on top of him. Silence. Madjet waited to see if his opponent would move. When he didn't, Madjet gently rolled out from under the Tuta's lifeless body. He surveyed the scene as he came to his feet. The boy Tuta let out a strangled moan as he tried to wake the fallen soldier. The boulder lay off to the side, painted in red. The boy shook the elder's lifeless body and spoke to it in his tongue. Madjet felt an overwhelming sadnessas he realized this was the boy's father. They caught eyes for a second. Despite an obvious language barrier, Madjet apologized with his eyes. He remembered himself and rushed to the bank of the road where his family was still hiding in the high brush of the grass.

Tamara's eyes sparkled with alertness when she heard her husband wading through the grass; Ari clutched under her right arm and Sahura under the left. Her relief turned to concern when she noticed the cut on Madjet's arm.
"Ma'shuqee, you're hurt." She said as she stood to inspect the wound.
"Im alright, Tamara. We have to keep moving. Up the hill." Madjet replied, pointing toward the edge of the forest. "Come here, Sahura. You too Ari." He hoisted Sahura onto his chest and grabbed Ari's hand. The family began a slow trudge up the hill from the bank towards the forest. Tamara led the way with Madjet and the children in the rear. The full moon made navigating at night somewhat easier. Tamara paused at the edge of the forest.
"What's wrong?" Asked Madjet. Tamara said nothing, only turned around to look back at the city. They all looked. More than half of NuwrHar was aflame now with great sheets of black smoke and ash rising into the atmosphere. The moon and blanket of stars added a calming contrast to the destruction. With a last thoughtful "Wadu'" they entered the thicket of the forest.
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Bismi Pa'ut

The night air was cool with a slight breeze. The wind made the trees rustle gently in light whispers. The low leaves shimmered in dark pastel colors with the moon's reflection. The family moved forward in silence a while.

"Aaagh!" Tamara grunted, collapsing onto the trunk of a nearby tree.
"Tamara!" Madjet rushed to his wife's aid.
"Mami, are you okay?" Ari chimed in concerned.
"I'm okay baby. It's just contractions" She said to both Ari and Madjet. Tamara was clutching the underside of her belly with one hand and leaning with the other. Her face showed more distress than her words let on. Madjet noticed a fallen log a few steps away in a small clearing.
"Let's take a short break. Can you make over to that log?"
"Yeah, I can."
"Here, Ari. Take your sister." Madjet put Sahura down on her two feet as Ari grabbed her hand. Madjet propped Tamara up as they made their way to the clearing. Tamara sat down heavily on the log. She breathed a deep sigh.
"You think the baby's coming now?" Madjet asked stooping in front of Tamara. He was inspecting her garments for any sign of a quickening.
"No. I dont think so. But it's hard to tell." Tiny sweat beads had begun to form on Tamara's forehead. "I tell you what, that hill was no joke though!"
"Ha! Yeah, it was a bit steep." They both let out a light chuckle. It had been a while sinced they'd laughed. Madjet had forgotten how beautiful Tamara looked when she smiled.

"Abby, where are we going?" Sahura asked abruptly. Madjet turned to face her. Her eyes were innocent. She had her mother's eyes.
"We're going to the Mir, honey." Madjet responded.
"What's the Mir?" Now Ari had joined in. They were both sitting on the log on either side of their mother.
"The Mir is a city. But not just any city. It's the first and oldest city of our ancestors."
"Older than our city, Abby?" Sahura asked.
"Yes, even older than NuwrHar. See, a long time ago our ancestors built that city, and in the center of it is a gigantic golden pyramid called the Mir." Madjet explained stretching his arms out very wide. "But the city got really big and so some of hte people moved out of the city of the Mir and started their own cities."
"Is that how NuwrHar was started?" Ari asked.
"Yes it is, son."
"Did you build our city, Abby?" Now Sahura.
"No, that was a long time ago." Madjet couldn't help but smile at such a cute question.
"What about you Mami? Did you build our city?" Sahura was facing her mother now.
"Sahura, i wasn't even born when our city was built." Tamara replied hugging her daughter and laughing.

"Okay, one more question." Sahura was on a roll. "Do we have a house at gigantic Mir city?"
"We always have a home in the bosom of our ancestors. Always know that. Always remember that." Madjet spoke very strongly now. So forcefully that the clearing became dead silent on his ending words. Only a singular breeze whistled through the tree branches.
"Does the ancestors house have soft chairs like ours?" Sahura asked breaking the silence. Everyone laughed.
"I dont know. I guess we'll see, huh?" Tamara answered through quaint snorts of laughter. Suddenly, there was the sound of think rustling just outside of the clearing behind Madjet. He swung around and stood quickly peering into the darkness.

more coming.........
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Any new chapters ready?
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Bism Pa'ut

"Get down, get down!" tamara ordered Ari and Sahura onto the ground behind the log and out of sight.
"Who's there?!" Madjet called. The forest could be a dangerous place to be caught. Aside from the advancing Tutaat, there were wild animals. Madjet wondered what would be worse now; a Tuta or a bear. "Show yourself!"
"Madjet? Is that you?" A meek voice sounded from behind the darkness.
"Who is that?" Madjet said, peering harder now. The brush parted neatly as Aker stepped into the pale moonlight of the clearing.
"Yaa Sena-ee! You scared me." Madjet went to hug his brother. "I wasnt looking forward to wrestling a bear."

"What are you all doing here in the forest?" Aker asked turning to Tamara now. Ari and Sahura were getting up from the forest floor.
"We had to get off of the road. We were cutting through the forest to Tarug Khonsu." Madjet replied.
"Well you arent that far off from the road. As a matter of fact, I came into the forest from Tarug Khonsu. There's a bunch of us on it now walkiing to the Mir. Come on, i'll show you." Aker was pointing to the direction he came from. "The mobile infantry showed up at the West Pylon and opened the road way after the Tuta attacked. I think there were there primarily as an escort to the Per Ah Nezdert Qemamu." He continued. Madjet was helping Tamara ease her way off the log. Aker started his way through the darkness of the thicket. The family was close behind. Aker spoke in a tone close to a near whisper. "It seems as if the worst of it is over now. I spoke to a reserve from the mobile infantry. He told me that the tuta only advanced as far as Sedjet Hall, just out side the city common. They were able to push the back from there."
"Did we outnumber them there?" Madjet asked in the same near whisper.
"Well that's the funny thing. The way this brother told it to me, he said it seemed like they just stopped fighting." Aker replied.
"Stopped fighting?" Asked Madjet.
"Yeah, like they werent interested anymore. He said they just turned foot basically back towards the East Pylon."
Tamara couldn't help but let out a deep "Hmmmm" at aker's words. They all crept forward in silence a while. gently separating bushes and stepping over fallen logs in tow behind Aker. Then a thougt suddenly hit Madjet.
"Yaa Aker...wenu kalun Mutemra?"
Madjet had a clear view of the back of Aker Wapwawet Atun's head. He waited for Aker to turn it slightly towards him for a response, but there was none. Madjet's question simply hung in the air. He thought he'd asked the question loud enough. Although, there was the rustling leaves of the forest. Perhaps Aker didnt hear him.

"here it is!" Aker shouted back. The line of trees gave way to a gravel road. A caravan of people were walking in a montone direction. Some walked swiftly, others trudged along, and still some limped. Looking to either end of the road, the caravan seemed to stretch into infinity. The light of the full moon, the supplemented with Djed generator lanterns. It was a procession of lights. The family joined the line at a moderate pace. There seemed to be a dull murmur among them as individuals consoled each other and reconnected with family members.
"At this pace, we should make it to the Mir by morning. It's only a few hours." Madjet said to Tamara.
"we should be fine." Tamara responded. She intuitively knew Madjet was asking about her and the baby. Her belly seemed more full under the moon light. He looked at his family. Out of all of the things Madjet could have lost, he was glad he hadnt lost them. Ari walked next to his father on Madjet's right. Sahura waled between Ari and her mother, Tamara.
"Yaa madjet!" Tamara said abruptly. "we haven't chosen a name for her." Tamara was looking down and stroking her belly as she walked.
"Yeah, you're right. What do you think?" Madjet replied.
"Hmm, Im not sure. but i get to do it since you named Sahura last time." Tamara retorted with a smile. The moonlight made her full white teeth shimmer. She was beautiful.
"What do you think my new sister will look like?" Sahura's quaint voice rose from the ground.
"I dont know Sahura, but im sure she'll be as gentle and beautiful as you and your mother." Answered Madjet.

"But where do they come from?" Sahura again.
"What...babies?" Tamara inquired.
"...Well, Sahura, it's quite simple. Look up there." Tamara was pointing to the sky. "Do you see those stars?"
"Nut't, I dont see them, Mami." Sahura was hopping to get a better look. Madjet reached down and prompted her to climb on his back. Her slender arms clsaped around his nexk. Madjet braced her legs and botton with his arms.
"You see it now?" tamara said pointing again.
"Oh, i see it!" Sahura exclaimed over her father's shoulder.
"Well, that's called Sahu. When a baby is born, it's spirit comes from Sahu. Then it comes into a Qemamt's belly where it grows into a boy or girl. And when the baby grows up, it gets really old and then dies; the spirit goes back to Sahu.
"it goes back up there?" Sahura emphasized the stars by pointing.
"Tua, it does." Tamara explained.
"Is teftefet up there now?" Sahura asked.
"yes she is Sahura."
"...Oh..." She said with great finality. The children's grandmother, Tamara's mother had passed when Sahura was 5 years old. Sahura spent a lot of her time with her Teftefet. When she passed, the child cried for a week. Their grandfather passed before Sahura was born, when Ari was 6 years old. Aker had been silent since they all reached Tarug Khonsu. Now he broke his silence.
"...Hey...Do you guys hear something?" He was turning around to face the rear of the procession. A few other people were stopping to look also. There was a shuffling of people, then a loud barking voice.
"Excuse us! Excuse us! can we get through!" The voice called....

even still, more coming....
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