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Post Breaking The Spell ( Scroll # 43 M.Z.Y )

Ques ; How Do The Canaanites ( Cursed Albino Seed ) Get Away With Their His - Story ?
Ans ; The Canaanites Have Taken Full Advantage Of Antiquity By Hiding Facts So That The Lapse Of Time Would Seal Them Because , Of Cource , No One Living Now , Lived At That Time Except In The Person Of Your Ancestors Who Have Been Dead Centuries Ago . Even If Someone Would Put The Body Of Jesus On Pubic View After Two Thousand Years And Call It Jesus Or Someone Else Well-Know At That Time .

By What Means After So Many Years , Would Anyone Prove Or Disprove It ? I . Having The Power To Foretell And Retrace Time And Events . Now Relate The True Story . Since The Sphinx And Great Pyramid Have Been Mentioned Briefly In Right Knowledge . A Brief Mention Of Their Alleged And Reputed Architect Shall Be Made Here; Cheops , Cecrops And Khufu Were One And The Same Ruler , And Cheops Was The King Of Northern And Northeast Africa .

And Western Asia Who Lifted The Immigration Ban And Allowed The First Group Of Canaanites ( Jew ) From Europe ( Greece ) To Reach Africa And Asia After The Ouster Of Atum And Lillith ( The Original Atumites [ Cuthites ] And Descendants Of Enqi Son Of Anu And Brother Of Enlil ) . The Caucasian Race . The Canaanites Descendants Was Sealed In Europe By Anti-Immigration Laws For One Thousand Years ( Revelation 20 ; 2 ) .

From The Time Canaan Was Sent From The Aegean Islands To Europe Until Cheopa . Since Cheops Ruled Part Of Europe . As Well As Part Of Africa And Asia . Caucasian Mythology And Legendary History Call Cecrops ( Cheops ) The First King Of Attica Actually Meaning . The First King Of Greece For The Canaanites , Because Darker People Have Been Living In Europe In Time Immemorial Before The Time Of Zakar ( Adam ) And Nekaybaw ( Eve ) Who Were The Second Set Of Homo Sapiens Able To Procreate .

Cheops ( Ethiops ) Was Ethiopian As The Name Implies , And He Is The King Who Put The Finishing Touches On The Symbol Of Living Power Called The Sphinx And The Symbol Of The Power Of The Dead Called The Great Pyramid . Ethiopian Kings ( Before Cheops ) Had Blueprinted And Already Started The Constriction Of Those Masterful Monument And Masonries , But Cheops Is Given The Gredit For Their Completion .

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The Cross Can Be Found In Two Places , One On Top Of The Churchs , And The Other On Top Of The Grave , The One On To Of The Churchs Is Where The Mentalty Dead Are , And The One On Top Of The Grave Is , Where The Physical Dead Lay .

It's Not The Things One Knows That Get Him Or Her In Trouble , Its The Things One Knows That Just Isn't So That Get Them In Trouble

Peace In The Lamb Is True-ly Wonderful
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