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Arrow The year 2013

A GIANT explosion of energy from the Sun could paralyse Earth in just three years' time, scientists warned yesterday.

They fear a huge solar flare is due to erupt in 2013 - causing blackouts and global chaos. The once-in-a-century disaster could see power grids crash, communication systems collapse, planes grounded, food supplies hit and the internet shut down. Everything from home freezers to car sat navs would be affected. The disaster could mirror the Great Solar Flare of 1859.

That wreaked horrendous damage across Europe and America - burning out telegraph wires across both continents.
The threat of another disaster - which could mirror scenes in Hollywood blockbuster 2012 - is so great that Defence Secretary Liam Fox called an emergency conference in London yesterday. Dr Fox told experts that incalcul-able damage would be caused if an explosion similar to the one in 1859 occurred in modern times. He called on scientists to build a strategy against the impending disaster.

The talks, organised by the Electric Infrastructure Security Council, heard that the Sun will reach a critical stage of its cycle in 2013. A surge of magnetic energy in its atmosphere is likely to trigger radiation storms which cause massive power surges.
Such a phenomenon occurs only once about every 100 years.
The last big flare, in 1859, smothered two thirds of the Earth's skies in a blood-red aurora. Such scenes could occur again, causing cloud storms in major modern cities such as London, Paris and New York.
In 1989, a more common smaller solar flare took out power stations in Quebec, Canada.

In the movie 2012, starring John Cusack, a solar flare causes global temperatures to soar. The planet is then battered by tsunamis and earthquakes, threatening mankind.

Yesterday's conference also heard that a hostile power could cause a similar effect by exploding a nuclear weapon in space.
Dr Fox added: "While we all benefit from scientific advances, so we also create vulnerabilities that can be exploited by our enemies.

"However advanced we become, the chain of our security is only as strong as its weakest link."

Last night the electric security council discussed a plan of action.
And former US government defence adviser Dr Avi Schnurr warned: "A geomagnetic storm could shatter nations all over the earth. We cannot wait for disaster to spur us to action."

• PRECIOUS jewels could rain down during dust storms on faraway planets, scientists say.
University of St Andrews boffins investigating atmospheric systems believe dust clouds in parts of space could be full of rubies and sapphires.

Wheely Big threat ... London landmarks could be hit

Tower-ing inferno ... Paris could face disaster

Under fire ... New York could feel the heat

This information was taken from an newspaper article that was published by one of England's national news papers called The Sun on 21 september 2010

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage...#ixzz11zBNkUDe

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Greetings grandchildren of erithoo (planet Earth).

Solar activity is expected to reach its peak around that time. The year 2013 is a reference to the Tzolkin, which consist of 260 days (20 x 13). It is also the complete cycle for human gestation based on a natural calendar of 13 months, each of which are approximately 28 days. The sun exhibits a differential rotation of 25 to 28 days at the equator and 31 to 36 days at the poles.

The interesting thing here is that the phases of the moon are in compliance with the sun's equatorial spin. Although, the Gregorian months are seen to comply with the phases of the moon (silver cycle), the reckoning system should reflect the spin of the sun (copper or gold cycle). Remember, the metals gold, silver, and copper are interchangeable. Many earthly females base their menstrual cycle on the phases of the moon. But naturally it is the sun that regulates their menstrual cycle.

Mathematically speaking, the Nubian Number shows that the 20th position reveals the value 315; and that the 13th position reveals the value 283. Their sums reveal the integers 9 and 13 respectively. The product reveals the value for NUWAUPU (13 x 9). The symbolic mapping of the integers translate as MC^2, which is the raising or speeding up of mass or matter into energy.

M = 13
C^2 = 3 x 3 = 9

Finally, if you take the ratio of the faster rotation at the sun's equator (i.e., 25 days) and the slower rotation at the sun's pole (i.e., 36 days) the result is a reference to Bruce Cathie's Harmonic Pulse.

25/36 = .694444 ad infinitum
36/25 = 1.44

As I had explained in another correspondence (World Energy Grid Re-visited), a close mapping of Bruce Cathie's Pulse of the Universe (695) is based on the ratio of 9 and 13. It was a teaching based on the Olmec's (Ah Tzai, Royal Serpents) view of the kosmos.

Inscribed by: Neterkhet Ra EL (divine body of Pa Re)
13 x 9
Pa Neter Ra
By Teaching, We Learn
9 x 13
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Default Energy = Nuwaupu


The year 2013 is an important moment in Space, Matter, and Time. Geometrically, these dimensions render Measurement, Force, and Movement. According to the solution of 9 to the 9th power of 9 (the Nubian Number) the 20th sequence is 315-T and the 13th sequence is 283-M. The mathematical significance of the sequences is that they reveal meanings for that specific moment in SMAT. For instance, the digit sum of the 20th sequence is 9 and the digit sum of the 13th sequence is 13. Energy is the product of Mass and the speed of light squared. Symbolically, this is MC^2 or 13 x 3^2 = 13 x 9. The result is 117, which is the phonetic sum of the word NUWAUPU. The speed of light is the catalyst in liberating Energy in the formula MC^2. NUWAUPU is the catalyst in liberating Melanintes worldwide. This is one of the reasons why I equate Energy with Nuwaupu. Energy is simply activity and thus it means to be active or operative. In Physics, things have ENERGY by virtue of their (a) potential energy, (b) mass, and (c) kinetic energy. In other words, Energy is the Nature of Space (potential energy or position, measurement), Matter (mass or geometric energy, force), and Time (kinetic energy or motion, movement). This is your SMAT circle in terms of Energy. Yes, geometric shapes have energy relative to Mass. This is the significance of MASS in the formula E = MC^2. The product of the speed of light with mass affects its geometry or geometrical shape, similiar to how electrical current (kinetic energy) and voltage (potential energy) affects the shape of quartz-crystals by causing them to bend and twist creating activity (e.g., frequency) in the several atmospheres of the planet Earth. The opposite happens when quartz-crytsal are under pressure i.e. they create voltage (potential energy) and electrical current (kinetic energy) to charge and enliven the planet earth within its several atmospheres. Your Sun is a special type of quartz-crystal under tremendous pressure.

Pa Neter Ra (Nebu Atun Re)
13 x 9 (MC^2)
Pa Neter Ra
By Teaching, We Learn
9 x 13

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