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Default Liquid Gold

Greetings golden ones and grandchildren of oorthaa, planet earth... I find myself never alone....

29. Comets hold much of the original ingredients of the recipe that created the planets and brought plentiful waters from Saauh, which is known as Orion Star Constellation, to Temu "Land" or Paa Ptah Nun "The Planet Earth" or Ptah, Ta, Tah from the Orion Nebula, located as the center star [italics added] in the lower half of the Orion Star Constellation (Actual Fact # 7, PAA GUTUT "The Stargate", p. 13).
The middle region of the lower half of the Orion Star Constellation, known technically as Messier 42 (Orion Nebula) is the home of proto-stars. Refer to Element Lesson: Pa Qemam-T Safena (The Mothership). They are shaped from molecular clouds of hydrogen, the first ATOM (ATUM) of the periodic table of elements. The second period of the ATOM (ATUM) is Helium, and the third period of the ATOM (ATUM) is Lithium. On this side of hydrogen, ATUM initiates the stages of man-ifestation and wombman-ifestation. Close examination of the three initial stages of "to be" are Hydrogen (MU), Helium (RA) and Lithium (TA). The word "lithium" means stone. It is obvious to see the cosmic periodic formula: TA-MU-RA (Tamu-Ra or Ra Atum). In other words from the waters (Hydrogen) came the sun (Helium) which was placed on the ben-ben stone (Lithium). In retrospect, the word NEBULA can be traced to a Latin word for mist or cloud. Additionally, one learns from the Ancient Record of the Lenabewi that the Great Spirit or the Master of Life dwells and moves about in a whirling cloud or mist, yet hidden and omnipresent. We also learn from astronomy that the Great Orion Nebula harbors many accretion disks or proto-planetary disks. They are considered to be spinning or rotating disks of dense gas circling newly formed stars.

The tetrahedron crop circle that most of us are familiar with is worth mentioning again. In an astronomical overtone, I have shown its connection with the lower half of Saahu (Orion). I have mentioned all but the center or apex of the tetrahedron crop circle that depicts a dot surrounded by four tree-like rings. These rings depict an accretion disk or proto-planetary disk mentioned previously. The center or more accurately the summit of the tetrahedron crop circle is telling us what is going on inside The Great Orion Nebula. The word NEBULA or NEBU-LA transposes into the Medutaat shil Paa Nazduru term:NEBU RA (nbw r).

RA = SUN (accretion disk)

It is worth mentioning that Nazdir Ra is the mountain of Gold, the imperishable metal of the heavens, the divine flesh of the Nazduru, and the "liquid gold" carried by Atum.

Zooming in on the Orion Nebula

Inscribed by: The Golden One of Atun-Re
An inspiration from "His Inner Feelings"--->"19"
9 x 13
Pa Neter Ra
By Teaching, We Learn
9 x 13

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