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Originally Posted by IssaEl21 View Post
In my published volumes of Al Qur'aan , I present to the public , Transliteration , Literal Translations and Paraphrastic Translations .

Literal Translation <> Nothing Creates Except Allah
Transliteration <> La Ihaha Illa Allah
Paraphrastic Translation ( Paraphrase ) <> Nothing Would Exist If Allah Didn't Create It .

'' He Is Allah ; Besides Whom There Is No God .... Translation <> By Maulana Muhammad Ali .
'' He Is Allah ; Then Whom There Is Not God ... Translation <> By Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall .
'' He Is Allah ; Besides Whom There Is No God .... Translation <> By J.M.Rodwell .
'' He Is Allah ; And There Is No God Beside Him .... Translation <> By Maulawi Sher'Ali .
'' God Is He , Then Whom There Is No Other God .. Translation <> By Yusuf Ali .
..... And This Is Just To Name A Few !!!!

I know that these translators have purposely distorted the meaning of thses words to appeal to their ( Specific Schools Of Interpretation ; such as Yusuf Ali . whose translation is directed toward a Christian concept of Islaam ; Maulana Muhammad Ali , whose translation is directed toward an Ahmadiyya concept ; Mohammad Ali Habib , whose translation is directed towards a Shi'ite concept , etc ...
I have a question on York's translation of la ilah ila Allah. I don't see the word "create" anywhere in that statement. How can his translation include any talk of "create"? Thanks in advance.
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Greetings grandchildren of Eritoo (planet earth),

Very good question.

The semetic term laaa ilaaha illalaahu, for instance, can be regarded as a transliteration of a Quraanic inscription. In fact, a literal translation of a phrase is a word for word translation. In the above case, I see no semetic word that would render the literal translation, create. On the other hand, when one paraphases a particular phrase or text he or she is making an attempt to clarify a particular phrase or text via an extended manner of expression.

And yes, we all can make mistakes which only serves to make us better. A shortcoming for human beings is to faithfully match words with ideas; and to match ideas with facts. First comes the word, then the idea, and then the thing (i.e., objective reality). In other words, in the beginning was the word, the word was with God, and the word was God. No diety except God is a transliteration expressing movement from things that are unreal to things that are real. In other words, how would you know what fire is if you have not been consumed by it?

What is real? You exist!

Wadu Tamareans

The Elements, Mathematics, and Arithmetic (T-E-M-Ari)
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