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Something That Make You Say Hmm Post Only Little known Facts.

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Default The Knot of Aset

Greetings scientists, mathematicians, kosmosans, and ontologists…

The magnetosphere is an expanse of space surrounding a star or planet that is governed by its magnetic field so that charged particles are collected within it. The Earth’s magnetosphere, for instance, appears to resemble the TYET (agreement), which is commonly known as the Knot of Aset, the divine feminine. The Earth’s magnetosphere collects codes (solar winds) sent by the sun. They are instructions sent forth by other star and planetary systems. As I had explained in another element lesson, the mdw ntrw (words of the guardians) are perhaps the closest that human beings have come to communicating objective facts. Our ideas owe their existence or essential nature to things outside of the mind (i.e., out-formation). According to The Sacred Wisdom, it explains that there is correspondence in The All, but not in All (The Grand Hierophant Tehuti, n.d.). In remote times, the mdw ntrw was intended to assist human memory (mnemonics) resulting in various DNA explosions (Blood Memories). The Enoshites were the first mortals, forgetful ones, to call (qara) upon the name of their sustainer (Gen: 4 v 26). Later, in the first revelation to Muhammed Rasool Allah, he was instructed by Jibrael to read (iqra) in the name of his sustainer (Quraan: 96 v 1-5).

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The Grand Hierophant Tehuti (n.d.). Pa sarun hakumdum "the sacred wisdom:" A study of the Tehuti mystery of ancient Egipt.
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