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Default Heru Sema Tawy (The Uniter of the Two Lands)

Greetings and good be to you all,

The word ZODIAC is cognizant of the Aramaic-Hebrew word Tzadoq (צדק), Zodok. It is an ancient term alluding to Justice and/or Correctness. We are familiar with 12 signs or houses of the Zodiac along the ecliptic or Great Circle of the celestial sphere. The Sun appears to travel along the ecliptic. The Sun enters each house of the zodiac at the 30th degree and leaves each house of the zodiac at the 33rd degree. Recall that each house of the zodiac, along the ecliptic, spans an arc of 30 degrees. Hence, the product 12 signs times 30 degrees equals 360 degrees of arc, which is the same as saying 0 degrees of arc. The arc distance between the houses of Pisces and Aquarius is 60 degrees (360 - 300 = 60). This angular measurement forms the basis of isometry i.e. an equal lateral triangle within which the three internal angles are congruent (e.g., 60-60-60 or 6-6-6). Geometrical shapes are said to be equal if there corresponding sides and angles are the same. The Declaration of Independence proclaimed truths to be self-evident. For instance, Men are created Equal (iso), and that their Creator has endowed them with non-transferrable Rights. Among these non-transferrable Rights are three isometric, isomorphic, and isonomic principles: (a) Life, (b) Liberty, and (c) the pursuit of Happiness. The movement from a negative polarity (Pisces) to a positive polarity (Aquarius) is not only descriptive of the polar shift but also it is descriptive of the application of the Doctrine of Polarity. Enmity or hatred between the children of the Serpent and children of Women is rooted in EMOTION, which is “energy in motion.” The Sacred Wisdom of Tehuti explains that it is possible to change the vibration hate into the vibration LOVE (huwa symbol, هو). Therefore, via the art of emotional alchemy, hate can be transmuted into Love and to a higher extent, Divine Love (عشق'Ishq). The circuit between hate and love, contains a path of least electrical resistance, which in electrical engineering is known as electrical Conductance (reciprocal of electrical resistance) and is symbolized by the capital letter G.

The capital letter G has many interpretations on this planet. First, it represents the Universal Law of Gravitation. Second, it symbolizes God (الله) in Freemasonry. And third, it symbolizes electrical conductance for electrical circuits. The Zodiac, for instance, can be looked at as an astrological/astronomical electric circuit. Within this great circuit are 12 loads that draw codes from 12 sectors of the Great Existence (Kache Ayah). The sun is the tuner for code regulation and modulation (similar to how a tuning circuit uses crystals or capacitors and inductors for resonance and consonance). Electrical conductance is proportional with current flow, whereas it is inversely proportional with electrical pressure known as Voltage or Electro-Motive Force. In addition, there are three basic components of vibration that one should over-stand. And that is, vibration can be amended through its AMPLITUDE, PHASE, and FREQUENCY.
  • Amplitude is the height and North/South component of vibration.
  • Phase is the azimuth and breadth component of vibration.
  • Frequency is the East/West and length component of vibration.

In spherical and rectangular geometry, the conversion between rectangular coordinates to a spherical one is the process known as “circling the square” and “squaring the circle (۞).” In trigonometry, the so called Pythagorean Theorem connects the two systems (i.e., spherical/polar and rectangular coordinates) via trigonometric identities such as b = r cos Ɵ and a = r sin Ɵ. The letters b and a are the east/west and north/south axes that are related to frequency and amplitude respectively. The letter R is the radius or isometric distance in space. The trigonometric identities, sine, cosine, and tangent, for example, of the angle (theta) are the phase associated with the components of the triangle (three angles) or trilateral (three sides). An important component of the so called Pythagorean triangle is it vector sum known as the Hypotenuse. This component of the right angle triangle is the shortest path relative to the adjacent side and the opposite side. In electronics, the Hypotenuse is symbolic of electrical conductance (big G). You can travel along the adjacent side of the triangle and then up its opposite side to reach a point in space, matter, and time (SMAT). However, one can arrive at the same location in SMAT quicker and more efficiently by simply knowing the angular measurement or phase of the objective in SMAT and then chart its course or azimuth. As a result, a vector sum (tangent) relative to other vectors is by far the best course. Furthermore, from a geometrical stance, the vector sum produces the same desired effect relative to its individual component vectors. What this means geometrically is that unity (i.e., the vector sum, sema tawy) is the most efficient and effective means for accomplishing the same goal relative to doing it by means of disunity (vector components). It has been proclaimed that We can succeed as a part of the ALL (vector sum), but fail as individuals (vector components).

This is supreme mathematics as witnessed and applied by geometry and astrology/astronomy.The ancient narrative of Asar, Aset, and Sutukh teaches us about the mystery of vectors and their associated components. I had just explained it to you mathematically and geometrically. We learned that Sutukh had cut Asar's body into 14 pieces. This is symbolic of vector components. Whereas, Aset found and reattached the pieces of Asar's body (except the phallus). This is the application of vector sum. This is interesting because one learns that it takes a woman to unite the segments of the nation so that it may continue to survive.

In Love, Truth, Providence, and Liberty
Pa Neter Ra (NeterKhet Asra-EL)
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