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Default Parthenogenesis Misinterpreted

Greetings to you all,
Keywords: astrocytes, neurons, calcium, parthenogenesis, in vitro fertilization, ex vivo parthenogenesis, Zakar, Nekaybaw, oocytes, spermatozoa, Bit Shi.Im.Ti, alkaline earth metal, alkali, alkaline, Seba

Parthenogenesis Misinterpreted

Parthenogenesis is a controversial topic when dealing with mammals, especially in terms of spontaneous human reproduction (Immaculate Conception). “The term parthenogenesis is defined as the production of an embryo from a female gamete in the absence of any contribution from a male gamete, with or without the eventual development into an adult” (Rougier & Werb, 2001, p. 468). Etymologically, parthenogenesis translates into maiden or virgin birth. Paternal and maternal genetic materials are necessary for normal embryonic growth. However, are there exceptions to the biological protocol? Parthenogenesis is distinct from the ideas of gynogenesis (i.e., the male gamete does not contribute genetic information to subsequent embryo growth) and androgenesis (i.e., the male gamete solely contributes to subsequent embryonic growth). What are the conditions needed for parthenogenesis in mammals, namely human beings? One thing for sure, ova need spermatozoa to create the precondition required for normal embryonic growth. I say precondition because human ova need calcium ions (Ca2+) to initiate normal embryonic development. Spermatozoa contain the calcium needed for normal embryonic growth. Pennarossa et al. (2011) explains that,

…in mammals this form of reproduction [parthenogenesis] is not spontaneous, but oocytes can be successfully activated in vitro, using various electric, mechanical or chemical stimulations, which mimic the intracellular calcium wave induced by sperm at fertilization. This phenomenon causes cleavage divisions and embryonic development (p. 771).
In view of this, in vitro fertilization goes back thousands of years ago in a place that ancient Shumu people referred to as the BIT SHI.IM.TI—that is to say “the House or Laboratory of the Breath-Wind-Life.” This location gave rise to the idea of the Immaculate Conception in theology, which is scientifically known as in vitro fertilization and via extension ex vivo parthenogenesis to be more precise. Ex vivo parthenogenesis describes the maiden or virgin birth that initially takes place in an artificial environment outside the living organism. Subsequently, the growing embryo would eventually have to be reinserted in its natural mother’s womb to be educated via her blood memories. Calcium is an alkaline earth metal. As you know, alkaline or alkali materials exhibit a power of hydrogen (pH) greater than seven. “Egg activation requires that the sperm triggers a local increase in free calcium in the cortex and/or at the site of fusion with the egg membrane” (Sardet, Dumollard, & McDougall, 2006, p. 2).

Spermatozoa are alkali enhancers and render the condition necessary to facilitate embryo development in an environment that is alkali or basic. Moreover, calcium ions (Ca2+) are important in astrocyte and neuron signal transmission. Hamilton and Atwell (2010) explain that during the early 1990s, two key observations prompted a rise of interest in the potential for signal processing by astrocytes. The first observation showed that glutamate has the potential to induce rises in the intracellular calcium concentration (Ca2+) in cultured astrocytes, which could spread through particular cells and between astrocytes. The second observation, a few of years later, showed objectively that calcium (Ca2+) buildup in cultured astrocytes has the potential to induce a calcium (Ca2+) increase in adjacent neurons.

Spermatozoa and neurons and astrocytes found in the brain and the spinal cord are all intimately connected. This connection is further solidified with the use of an alkaline earth metal known as calcium. It can be found in spermatozoa, which uses it to initiate normal alkali embryonic development. Furthermore, calcium waves (Ca2+) are utilized for signal processing between neurons and astrocytes. The word astrocyte literally means star cell and it exhibits the shape of a five pointed star, which is called in the mdw ntrw SHEBA or SEBA (to educate, to teach, or to learn). From a theological stance, we learn that Adam was created in the image and likeness of the Eloheem (company of female deities). In the image of these female deities, Zakar and Nekaybaw began to create in similitude. Zakar means “memory,” which alludes to spermatozoon for it possesses the intellect, memory, and knowledge found in the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). Nekaybaw means “to puncture,” or "to perforate (Naqab)," which is reminiscent of the ovum because the worthy spermatozoon punctures or perforates the membrane and inserts calcium (Ca2+) within the ovum’s volume and thereby increasing its power of hydrogen (pH) above seven.


Parthenogenesis routinely occurs in some lower level animal such as fish, honeybees, lizards, and snakes. To the contrary, mammalian parthenogenesis is not as spontaneous. Parthenogenesis in human females may occur routinely if conditions are just right. These ideal conditions require alkalinity, correct trace amounts of calcium, and penetration of the ovum’s membrane by a spermatozoon. The shape of spermatozoa was naturally designed for maximum and efficient penetration so that it may insert calcium (Ca2+) into the volume of the ovum. The sole purpose of spermatozoa is to raise the pH or alkali ova and thus create the required condition and environment in the oocyte for normal embryo development. Calcium is an alkaline earth metal. It is the so called rib of Adam for in bone there is trace and concentrated amounts of calcium, which can be used for in vitro fertilization, ex vivo parthenogenesis, and signal processing between neurons and astrocytes. Without the natural means of penetrating the ovum, the probability of spontaneous reproduction in humans is low, if not zero. However, ex vivo parthenogenesis, as I like to call it, has a greater probability for ancient Sumerian tablets speak of Bit Shi.Im.Ti, the house or laboratory of breath-wind-life.

In Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Beauty, and Happiness
Pa Neter Ra (al-Marrakush ibn al-Banna)
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Hamilton, N., & Attwell, D. (2010). Do astrocytes really exocytose neurotransmitters? Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 11(4), 227-238.

Pennarossa, G., Paffoni, A., Ragni, G., Gandolfi, F., & Brevini, T. (2011). Parthenogenesis in mammals: pros and cons in pluripotent cell derivation. Central European Journal of Biology, 6(5), 770-775.

Rougier, N., & Werb, Z. (2001). Minireview: Parthenogenesis in mammals. Molecular Reproduction And Development, 59(4), 468-474.

Sardet, C., Dumollard, R., & McDougall, A. (2006). Signals and calcium waves at fertilization. Seminars In Cell & Developmental Biology, 17(2), 223-225.
Pa Neter Ra
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