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Arrow Is Jesus The God Of The Koran ???

When You Put All Of These Comparisons Together , They Make Jesus Something Divine; And For Further Proof, In Your Own Koran 2 ; 253 , It Clearly States That Jesus Is Exalted Over Other Prophets.

Koran 2 ; 253 ( In Arabic ) TILKA ( THAT'S ) AL RUSUL ( THE ONES SENT FADDALNAA ( WE WERE MORE PLEASED ) BADAHUM ( WITH SOME OF THEM ) ALA ( WITH ) NADIN ( OTHERS ) MINHUM ( FROM AMONGST ) MAN ( TO WHOM ) KALLAMA ( SPOKE ) AL - LAH ) ( THE SOURCE ) WA ( AND ) RAFA-A ( HE RAISED ) BADAHUM ( SOME OF THEM ) DARAJAAT ( IN RANKS ) WA ( AND ) AATAYNAA ( WE GAVE ) EESAA ( JESUS ) INBA ( DON OF ( MARYAM ( MARYAM ) AL BAYYINAAT ) THE CLEAR EVIDENCES ) WA ( AND ) AYYADNAAHU ) AND WE SUPPORTED , AIDED HIM ) BE ROOH ( BY WAY OF THE SOUL ) AL QUDUS ( THE HOLY ) WA ( AND ) LOW ( IF ) SHAA ( PLEASES ) AL - LAH ( THE SOURCE ) MAA ( WOULD NEVER ) AQTATALA ( FOUGHT TO KILL ) AL - LAZEENA ( THOSE WHO ) MIN ( FROM AMONGST ) BADIHIM ) SOME OF THEM ) MIN ( FROM ) NADIMAA ) AFTERWARDS ) JAA-ATHUM ( HAS COME TO THEM ) AL BAYYINAAT ( THE CLEAR EVIDENCES ) WA ( AND ) LAAKIN ( BUT ) AKHTALAFOO ( DIFFERED ) FAMINHUM ( SO THERE FROM AMONGST ) MAN ( ARE THOSE ) AMANA ( ARE FAITHFUL ) WA ( AND ) MINHUM ( FROM AMONGST ) MAN ( THOSE WHO ) KAFARA ( WHO CONCEAL WHAT THEY KNOW TO BE TRUE ) WA ( AND ) LOW ( IF ) SHAA ( PLEASES ) AL -LAH ( THE SOURCE ) MAA ( WOULD NEVER ) AQTATALOO ( FOUGHT TO KILL ) WA ( AND ) LAAKIN ( BUT ) AL - LAH ( THE SOURCE ) YAF - AL ( HE DOES ) MAA ( WHAT ) YUREED ( HE WANTS TO DO ) That's How It Is With The Ones Sent ; We The Elohim Were More Pleased With Some Than Others . There Were Some To Whom Allah Spoke , And He Raised Some Of Them In Ranks, And We The Elohim Gave Jesus , Son Of Mary , The Criteria Of Clear Evidence And Supported Him By Way Of The Holy Soul , Gabriel , One Who Come From El , Nusku .... And If It Pleased The Source , Those After Them Would Never Have Fought To Kill Amongst Themselves After The Clear Evidences Had Come To Them , But They Had Differences. And Of Them There Were Some Who Had Faith In It; While Others O Them Are Those Who Conceal What They Know To Be The Truth. And If It Pleased The Source They Would Have Never Fought To Kill Amongst Themselves , But It Is Up To Allah Because He Does What He Wants To Do .

And With These Comparisins The Proof That Moses And Muhammad Were The Same Kind Of Prophet According To Them And That Jesus Was Not Like Them Raised Jesus In Ranks Above Them As It Says In Koran 2 ; 253 . Because All Of The Similarities Between Moses And Muhammad Were Natural Orders By The Laws Of God Namely , Marriage , Natural Birth By Mother And Father And Natural Deaths. If These Are Laws Of God And Jesus Didn't Do Them , Then Jesus Was Above The LAaw Of God Or Was A God. So To Avoid This Reality Muslims Will Say That The Whole Bible Was Tampered With . So You Tell Me, Mr. Muhammadan , Shi-ite , Ahmadiyite, Wahbai , Or Any Other Sect Of Moslems Which You Name Yourselves, According To Your Belief, Is Jesus The God Of The Koran? The Reason Why I Ask This Question Is Because Out Of All The Thousands Of Religion All Over The Planet Earth , Muslims Seem Set On Trying To Defeat The Power Of Christianity And Its Ability To Convert People World Wide.

The Koran Seems To Center Around Conflicts With Pagan Tribes Of Arabia , But Really Never Addresses Their Religious Beliefs, Or The Characters Of Their Religion. However , Whole Chapters Are Devoted To Christianity , Almost Every Personality In Christianity Is Found In The Koran . Muslims Emulate The Ethiopian Falasha And Coptic Christians In Their Dress. They Take Their Prayer Beads From The Rosaies Of The Catholic Church. They Take Their Prostation In Peayer From The Falasha Tribes; Their Fasting From Christianity . Their Not Eating Pork From Judaism; Their Concept Of Pilgrimage To A Holy Shrine From Christianity And Judaism. Jesus Is The Main Charactr Of The Koran. In Fact , Most Of The Muslims Scholars, Such As Ahmed Deedat , Dr. Jamal Badawi , Dr. Irving , Dr. Gary Miller, To Mention A Few , Constantly Quote From The Christian Bible ( The Book Of St. John Chapter 16 ; 7 And Refer To Their Prophet Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin Born In The Year 570 A.D. Died In The Year 632 A.D. In Arabia ,

As This Comforter . Yet , They Claim That The Bible Is Tampered With. It Is About Time That The Muslim World Acknowledges That Allah Of The Koran Is The Father Of Jesus ; Just As In Christianoity Not By Conception , But By Spirit . And That They Are Nothing More Than A Modern Day Sect Of Christians And Should Prepare Themselves For The Coming Of The Messiah .
The Cross Can Be Found In Two Places , One On Top Of The Churchs , And The Other On Top Of The Grave , The One On To Of The Churchs Is Where The Mentalty Dead Are , And The One On Top Of The Grave Is , Where The Physical Dead Lay .

It's Not The Things One Knows That Get Him Or Her In Trouble , Its The Things One Knows That Just Isn't So That Get Them In Trouble

Peace In The Lamb Is True-ly Wonderful
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