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Default Quantum Leap (Nature of Melanin)

Great Peace!

Quantum Leap: An Inquiry Into The Nature of Melanin

What is Tyrosine?

Pa Neter Ra (Matatrun):

Tyrosine is a corrosive acidic crystal, which is the antecedent to Melanin. Tyrosinase is an enzyme or catalyst that boosts the oxidation state of Tyrosine. In chemistry (Alchemy), oxidation is the process of oxidizing, which is to increase an element or ion from a lower valence (i.e., power or capacity) to a higher positive valence.

What is Tyrosinase?

Pa Neter Ra (Matatrun):

Tyrosinase is an enzyme that contains Copper. It is the 29th transitional metal according to your periodic table of elementals. The Aramaic-Hebrew word for “Copper” is Nekhosheth, which is related to the word Nakhash. Generally, the word “nakhash” means snake or serpent. The Syriac-Arabic word associated with the Aramaic-Hebrew word Nakhash is Khannas or Khunuus. These words signify invisibility. In the chapter of the “Overthrowing,” in the Quraan, stars that are invisible (Khunuus) to the naked eye and run their due course in the universe are known in modern science as Black Holes.

What are Black Holes?

Pa Neter Ra (Matatrun):

Black holes are defined on the physical plane (Naasuwt) as celestial objects having strong gravitational and electro-magnetic fields capable of trapping waves of the visible electromagnetic spectrum, also known as LIGHT. These light trapping celestial objects are not “black holes” per se, but rather or more precisely speaking “invisible (khunuus) holes.”

What is the purpose of tyrosinase in nature?

Pa Neter Ra (Matatrun):

Tyrosinase is literally a transitional metal that stimulates melanin production in melanin beings. Sun rays contain copper, which helps speed up melanin production in the epidermis by adding more copper to the skin. In effect, melanin rich skin, which is an extension of the brain, shifts from a lower valence (i.e., power or capacity) to a higher positive valence. This demonstrates a “quantum jump” or "quantum leap.” Keep in mind that Copper, Gold (Nebu), and Silver are all transitional metals in the same family of elementals.

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