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Science For The 9mind Leave Scientific Facts, Findings, Comments, Including Questions And Answers To Wu-Nuwaupu.

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Question: What is the science of the numbers 9 and 13?

Pa Neter Ra (Kosmosan, Son of the Blue-Green Light):

The numbers nine and thirteen are integers involved with, but not limited to, ancient middle American worldview. Their worldview proposes Gestalt Mathematics.

Question: What is “Gestalt Mathematics”?

Pa Neter Ra (Kosmosan, Son of the Blue-Green Light):

Etymologically speaking, the word “gestalt” means shape or form and the word “mathematics” means to learn. Hence, “gestalt mathematics” is simply the learning of shapes and forms. The seat of the intellect, called the “brain” operates holistically. The brain has tendencies to self-organize and to render order amongst its networking components of a seemingly chaotic organism. In sociology, this holistic act is called spontaneous order or spontaneous emergence.

Question: Can you expound on the concepts “spontaneous order” and “spontaneous emergence”?

Pa Neter Ra (Kosmosan, Son of the Blue-Green Light):

Spontaneous emergence (spontaneous order) is a universal idea in creation echoed through and through antiquity. For instance, the Heliopolitan worldview (perception) of spontaneous emergence has ATUM as the self-organizing cause. In fact, the medu neteru word ATUM (wtn) means holistic, complete, the ALL, whole, universal, all-inclusive, full, rounded, etc. In view of this, man perceives the whole without being aware of the connection of the components, and that the essence of the whole does not change when he transposes it. This is a unique feature of the multiplication table of the number nine.

Question: What are the components of Atum according to the Heliopolitan worldview?

Pa Neter Ra (Kosmosan, Son of the Blue-Green Light):

In the Heliopolitan worldview, the components are collectively called Ennead (psdjt), the “Great Nine.” The children (components) of Atum or Ra Atum are nine in number. The nine components of Atum involves bottom-up processing i.e. the mending of components to develop an over-standing about the whole. For example, the children (components) of Atum are grouped as such:


1 + 8 = 9 = 0 (The Circle, Continuity)

In contrast, top-down processing begins with the perception of the whole before moving towards its components. The number nine is a key numeric in rendering proximity, symmetry, good continuity, common fate, simplicity, contrast (light/dark), and closure.

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