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Something That Make You Say Hmm Post Only Little known Facts.

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Default To Make One Drink (Nommo)

Greetings Researchers, Ontologists, and Kosmosans…

A reading in the New Testament refers to a man bearing a pitcher of water. As we read, we learn that Jesus (IESOUS, Yashua) instructed his disciples to follow him and to enter the house in which the man bearing the water picture enters (Luke 22 v 10; Mark 14 v 13). We are told that Jesus’ instructions were symbolic of entering into the age or constellation of AQUARIUS. The Latin word for a bucket or water jar is SITULA. This term happens to be the name for Kappa Aquarii, which is a binary star system in the constellation Aquarius. The picture you see above depicts each entity holding a situla. The ANNU-NAGI (Royal Serpents) of ancient Mesopotamia and the CHAN or AH-TZA (Royal Serpents) of ancient Mesoamerica are from the same princely or royal bloodline. The House of Aquarius symbolizes the entering of a new age and the cosmological tradition "to make one drink (Nommo)."

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