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Science For The 9mind Leave Scientific Facts, Findings, Comments, Including Questions And Answers To Wu-Nuwaupu.

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What is the relationship between Jesus the Christ and DNA?

Pa Neter Ra (The Serpent King, Sa Ra, Son of the Sun):

The relationship is geometrical and arithmetical in fashion. The ratio of the Greek terms IESOUS KRISTOS in isopsephy is the Golden Ratio, which is the azimuth (spin direction) allowing DNA to be copied into functional RNA, a gene product (i.e., spin material). Genes are expressed by being transcribed into a gene product, and this transcript may then be translated into biomolecules called proteins. This process by which information (light messages) from a gene is used to make a functional gene product runs parallel with the solution (sequence) to the equation nine to the ninth power of nine, the Nubian Mind, The Nubian Number. The spin of the equation appears at the spin products 618-G and 315-T, which explains that the whirling power of spirit (G) is grounded by the mechanism of the Tau or PTAH (T). Together, the whirling power of spirit and the mechanism by which it is grounded on the physical plane (naasuwt) is tuned to the golden ratio: point 6180315 and its inverse fuction 1.61804. As Moses had lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up (John 3:14 or 3.14 = PI). Yaa Hu, Yaa 'aylun!

Question: What is the TAU?

Pa Neter Ra (The Serpent King, Sa Ra, Son of the Sun):

TAU is the 19th letter of the Greek Alphabet. Moreover, Tau Ceti is the 19th star in the constellation Cetus. This star (Tau Ceti) is spectrally similar to your Sun. Yaa Nuwn, Yaa 'alyun!

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