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Today's Highlights Posting What Stood Out Today !!!

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Post Have We Lost Our Children? Dr. Marvin Ellis

Have you noticed how angry our children are today? They have attitudes about everything. They flare up at the littlest things. They are obsessed with violence and must have access to something violent whether it's music, video games, games, movies and even reading material. They play violently with each other. Their conversation is laced with violence and they have become so disrespectful when it comes to their elders, society has had to create laws just to protect adults (three strikes and your out). Why is this?
One of the simpler principles of Human existence that we tend to overlook in our day to day lives is the principle of Cause and Effect. We live in the Effect of a series of Causes that have happened in our lives and whether we accept the lesson in them or not, the universal fact remains that whatever the EFFECT, it was a result of a CAUSE. Back to our children.

What caused them to become so angry? What were the causes that led to the effect of having the most violent generation of youth this planet has ever seen? More importantly, what cause or causes will lead to the more agreeable EFFECT of saving our children? In the Nubian's story, we all know of our royal heritage. We talk about how we descended from greatness, great people who did great things. We teach it, we sing and rap about it, we draw and paint it, we write about it, we even dream about it but where is the return to IT? When do we become those GREAT PEOPLE that we descended from again? When we were Great, we had natural and universal principles that we practiced and lived by. We ran our communities according to these principles. We raised our children according to these principles. We prepared for our future passing these principles down from generation to generation. At some point in our story, we stopped doing this as a whole. Now, you have some Nubians here and there who say that they still practice the "old ways" of our foreparents but in a society where a week of education can be erased by an hour of television, are our children truly listening? My children are generally respectful. I say this because I always hear others rave about my children's "exceptional" behavior. However, I don't feel that they are performing at their best and am always giving them more of those "principles" that my parents gave me. They seem hardheaded to me at times, flighty at other times, self-centered and selfish at other times and lazy at others, TO ME. With this, I look at the videos, listen to the music, watch the movies and pay attention to the dialogue that youth engage in today. I'm fighting a losing battle. I remember when, if I did something wrong down the block, I could get my ass kicked by every adult on the block before I got home and then I would really get it from my house. I didn't like it, but age and experience taught me that the reason for this was because you were a child of the community not just a child of your house. This goes to reason nowadays when a neighbor tells you something about your child out of concern and the first thing we say is what, "these are MY kids, not yours!" In recent years, I've seen literal fights break out between so-called adults over things that the children have done and the only reason they were fighting was because one parent didn't want anyone else telling them what to do about their child. This is one of those causes.

There used to be a line between the world of the adults and the realm of the child. Children stayed in their realm and didn't dare cross the line to the realm of the adults not just out of fear but out of subconscious respect for the principles of our community. Nowadays, two grown ups can have a conversation and a child will sit there staring into the mouths of the two and won't think anything about it. I've been slapped more than once for even being seen in the company of adults who are talking. Another one of those causes. When it comes to education, schools were the "planet" where children could go to and be children. The social structure that existed in our communities allowed children to build everlasting relationships that transcended the community and gave them experiences that would help them in life. I picked up a lot of good habits from my friends back in school. Nowadays, the hallways of public schools are breeding grounds for sexual indecency, aggressive behavior, illicit drug usage, profanity and all the things that children think are "grown up" things to do. They don't even want to be children anymore. Another of those causes. I watched a video online of a one year old baby "booty hopping". What was even more disturbing than the video was the fact that the "adult" who was filming was encouraging this behavior and like many videos posted on the web, the irresponsibility of "grown ups" is staggering! I had a conversation with a brother of mine and we were discussing the aggressiveness and anger of young women. He was genuinely perplexed by this fact and I stated that if you watch a porn movie and watch the behavior of the women on these videos, that is the exact behavior that is being promoted on rap and rock videos, in music, on movies, on the streets, in schools and sadly, even from the parents. So when a video surfaces of two seven or eight year old girls cursing and disrespecting each other or dancing like strippers it stands to reason that the damage done to our community by "modern society" runs deeper than we may have imagined. Still another of those causes. Now to the EFFECT.

A young man was beaten to death in a city by a group of gang members, is the headline for a newspaper and we still send our children to schools thinking, "not my child". A young man is dragged to death in a city in another state. A noose is found hanging from a tree in front of a public school after a black child was told he could sit under it. All these and more and still "grown ups" are living their lives as if nothing is wrong until the crap lands in their backyard. Then, we need to care more. Then, we need to come together. Then, we need to strengthen our communities. Then, we need to teach our children respect. All causes that if we never stopped doing them, we wouldn't be in this undesirable effect. The parents are a part of this as well. An entertainer wrote a song in the late eighties I believe about babies having babies. There are two points I would like to make about this. First, our babies must become responsible, functional adults and this happens when they are raised by the whole tribe, not just the house. The principles that we lost aren't gone, they are just waiting in the minds of the elders who have stopped sharing because some ignorant youth told them to shut the fuck up, old man, you can't tell me nothing! These babies stay babies because they are shown by society that they can act grown and think juvenile and they won't have to deal with the responsibility of it. Second, when we re-instill these principles back into our babies, having babies won't be the issue, strengthening the community through these babies will be. We haven't lost our children, just our minds a little bit...and we can get that back! So let's and let's get our children back!

peace and love
"He who hasn't carried your burden, doesn't know what it weighs."
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Good be to you all,

Everything happens according to Law. Man may utilize Law to overcome laws, and that the higher will always prevail against the lower, until Man has reached the stage in which he seeks refuge in the LAW itself. Such LAW is the Law of the Great Peace. In North America (Turtle-Snake Island, Tula), the Haudenosaunee utilized this higher law (wbn, wu bu nu) to overcome the lower law of violence and conflict. With the use of right thinking, the People of the Long House were able to forge a perpetual union and thus renew their way of life with the power of Sound Right Reason (Nuwaubu, wu bu nu). Sound, Right, and Reason are the three principles of the Law of the Great Peace. Refuge in it is humanity's only salvation.

As a point of reference, the book of Isaiah, chapter 11 alludes to the Law of the Great Peace. From the root of Yishay (Jesse, father of King David), a new generation of royal or sovereign descendants will possess the sovereign spirit of Wisdom and Discernment; Resolution and Mastery; and Knowledge and Reverence for the Great Existence. The Confluence of the polar forces (Ta-Mu and Nefu-Set) in nature and the Zodiac will be an ensign for the Nations of the planet Earth of the acceptance of the Great Peace and the new generation of young sovereigns, from the root of Jesse, will gather the dispersed and lost people from the four corners of Earth and lead them into the new Sun.

In Full Life

Great Peace Society of American Muurs
Pa Neter Ra (Incarnate Son of the People)
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Save the Children
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The Greatest
Pa Neter Ra
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