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Default Does the sperm receive a soul or light at the Crown Chakra?

When the soul travels up the spine to the Crown Chakra, does it receive a soul or light when it gets there? My standing is it receives the soul at the Crown Chakra. Can this creation be explained? Thank you.
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Unread 2 Weeks Ago
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Great Peace!

The crown chakra is associated with the pineal gland. However, the pituitary gland (the master gland / master clock of destiny) is associated with the third eye chakra. The pituitary gland is a part of the endocrine system. Its main function is to secrete hormones into the bloodstream. Hormones (e.g., testosterone) can affect other organs and glands such as the thyroid and adrenal glands and reproductive organs. Scientifically speaking, pineal gland development in a human embryo appears approximately in 49 days (4 + 9 = 13), which is also the amount of time it takes a Soul to incarnate from one world and into the next one.

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