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Post Have We Failed The Black Community?

Are we so content with our pseudo-existence as separated and divided Africans in a country that neither wants us to be self-sufficient nor wants us to leave that we actually think that we as a people are doing well? Are we so mentally asleep that we think the problems of our people can be solved by ANYone else? Are we so content with the state of our children that we are willing to see them walk into the hands of the evils of the world without any attempts at their salvation?

Let me build with you...

The fact that most Nubian (Black) communities are so full of chaos in America comes from the deep seated self hatred that has been programmed into the hearts and minds of our people for centuries. Taking a great and royal people, removing them from their throne, kidnapping them from their land, raping their women, castrating their men, lying to them, miseducating their children, giving them every kind of god but their own, in addition to the social, financial and political oppression and you have a very potent formula for destroying a proud being. If you walk down the street in Brooklyn, New York, a street in Chicago, Illinois, a street in Compton, California, a street in Atlanta, Georgia, all of them Nubian neighborhoods, and observe the behavior of the elders, the women, the men and the children, you will make a startling discovery. Though the cities are different and the mannerisms may vary, the same debilitating spell lurks within every Nubian community in America.

How do we fix our problem?

We talk about fixing our problems all the time. We meet about creating elaborate strategies that will counter the negative effects of society on our children. We boycott, we strike, we march, we strategize, we do everything that we THINK is necessary but we miss a very important factor in all of this. We miss the fact that our efforts to fix our problem are being done using the very language and mentality of the ones who put us in this state.

So I ask you...

If you have a being that you need to control, can you be successful in controlling that being if you allow that being to keep any semblance of their true self? Meaning, can that being speak its native tongue? Can that being pray to its native god? Can that being keep its family and community structure that it is use to? Can that being teach and educate its children about its true past? Can this being do all these things and still be under your control? NO! This is what has happened to us and in order for us to even begin to truly find a solution we must first realize that it is imperative that we return to our original state of thinking and existing and create an environment that fosters this for our children using the examples of our elders who have been through so much. We have to begin to think mathematically about our solution. It took a complex equation to knock a DIVINE being off of their throne so it’s going to have to take the counter complex equation to return that DIVINE being back to their throne! Let's man and woman up!!

for every child, a legacy...
"He who hasn't carried your burden, doesn't know what it weighs."
Ones path in life is often tripped over!
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Default anyone watch 30 rock?

is it on dvd yet?

interesting facts
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Default Esprit De Corps (Spirit of the Body)

Peace and good fortune,

The world is in flux now. To solve the more complex equations or problems in life (applied mathematics), one must first solve the simpler ones and this is done by inverting the containment process so that enigma vanishes. Not only were the pyramids engineered from the top down, but also they were engineered from the inside out. The so called Negro is contained by fiction i.e. falsehood, lie, and untruth. To remedy the more complex problems in our social, political, cultural, and economic base, we should first calibrate our social position or condition (status) relative to the family of Nations. It is important to comprehend the affects of Name and Form. Names are sounds and each one of us is a vibration (life code) at a specific frequency. Sound forms our unique life code with the world and therefore each one of us synchronizes in a unique way with the Kosmos. Our impasse, as a people in the West, comes from lacking knowledge of the social sciences, such as anthropology, archaeology, criminology, economics, education, history, linguistics, communication studies, political science, international relations, sociology, human geography, and psychology. All of the above engages in the knowledge and/or science of Companionship (esprit de corps, Morale). In times of hardship, it is morale that pulls people and nations together persistently and consistently in pursuit of a common goal. To build our economic base, we need raw resources to generate capital, which are accumulated goods, possessions, and assets that create and produce wealth. This ties in with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Gross National Product (GNP), which in macro- and micro-economics are indicators of a nation's standard of living. We can succeed as part of a Nation, but fail as individuals.

Pa Neter Ra (Neterkhet)
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Pa Neter Ra
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