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Default The pineal gland and ufos...

I've been browsing over esoteric outformation relating to the pineal gland and ufos. My question is, are ufos and exterrestrials a symbol of the pineal gland? How does this all relate to each other?
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Default Cube of Matatrun


My comments (Pa Neter Ra):

The pineal gland is neither a symbol of unidentified flying objects nor is it a symbol of extraterrestrials. The pineal gland (endocrine clock) is a component of the endocrine system. It is perhaps the most misunderstood system in the human body. Among the important functions of the endocrine system (biological quartz memory) are procreation and fertility. The pineal gland secretes melatonin, a hormone, into the blood stream (liquid quartz memory). The body’s built-in biological clock regulates the ebb and flow of melatonin and therefore higher states of consciousness (super-consciousness). Wadjet and Nekhbet, Serpent and Avian respectively are the two ladies (nebtwy) symbolizing the union of the upper and lower tetrahedra of true humans forming the cube of Matatrun, one's own starship (mothership).

Who is Matatrun?

The 11th elder, known in your Holy Bible (El Bib Yloh) as Enoch.

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