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Default Our True Bondage

Greetings to you all,

Man has fallen because humanity had fallen. Humanity fell with the fall of Queen Moo (Aset of Tamery) of the renown Chan Dynasty of the Yucatan, the North Gate. The abridgement of personality and the curtailment of a man’s status in the view of Law render him ineffective, incompetent, and unqualified. The loss of status or legal attributes (capite minutus) implies that one’s standing, condition, or social position is no longer in existence. The most comprehensive loss of status (capitis diminutio maxima) signifies a change of one’s status, condition, or social status from one of Natural Liberty to one of bondage as a result of a becoming a slave (i.e., one who is wholly subject to the will of someone else). The ultimate sin is abandonment of personality, property, and rights. To subject a person to the will of another is against Natural Law, so colored person is created, which is a fiction in the eyes of Law. Colored, in terms of civil Law, are persons whom are of Negro ancestry and persons of the African race. Negro, Colored, Black, and African (Africanus) are artificial persons that are used to implicate one’s condition, status, and social condition for the purposes of moving animate and inanimate property of society and government. The reality is that Negro, Colored, Black, and African are founded on a fiction and are thus arbitrarily invented to attain an ulterior object for the purposes of extracting revenue and escheating birthrights and inheritances. Yashua once said to return the things that are Caesar’s to Caesar and to return the things that are God’s to God. Is it not written in your Law (Writ), I said that you are Gods? One of the three basic psychological needs is competence (the other two are relatedness and autonomy). Competence refers to the propensity to experience challenge and mastery in one’s actions and/or activities. Collectively, competence, relatedness, and autonomy have the propensity to shore up self-determined behavior/self-determination and utimately personal and organizational well-being/health.

For the uplifment (webenoo) of fallen humanity
Pa Neter Ra (Maat Kheru Setep en Aset)
The Elements, Mathematics, and Arithmetic (T.E.M.ARI)
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Trouble Man
Pa Neter Ra
By Teaching, We Learn
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