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Something That Make You Say Hmm Post Only Little known Facts.

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Originally Posted by IssaEl21 View Post
Fed , 17 , 2000 ~ The brother of actor Wesley Snips confirms plan to purchase more than 200 Acres adjoining The Nuwaupian village where he plans to build a '' Security Guard Training Facility . A Snipes spokewoman says the Actor Has No Connection To The Nuwaupian . The county later Denies Permit request that would have cleared the way for the Sale of the Land to Rudy Snipes , The Actor's ( Wesley Snips ) brother .

June 15 , 2000 - The Putnam County Board of Registrars begins purging primarily Nuwaupians who the county claims no longer or never did live in the county from its voter rolls during what will become a series of meetings . The Nuwaupian claim Discrimation and file a Federal Lawsuit , Threatening To Hold Up The July 18 Primay Elcetion . A Three - Judge Panel Sides With The County On Its Procedure For Purging The Vote Rolls , Allowing The Election To Take Place . Nearly 200 People Were Challenged , And Dozens Of Nuwaupians Were Removed From The Voter Rolls .

July 18 , 2000 - Despite Strong Opposition From Nuwaupians On Election Day , Sills Wins 72 Percent Of The Vote . Throughout The Day , Nuwaupians Crowd At Intersection In Eatonton Encouraging Votes To Elect Sills Opposition .

April 27 , 2001 - Rainbow / PUSH Coalition Leader Jesse Jackson Visits The Nuwaupians Village . Pledging Solidarity With Nuwaupians In Ongoing Zoning And Building Dispute . Macon Mayor Jack Ellis Is Among Those Attending Jackson's Speech .

May 4 , 2001 - County Commission in a 3 - 2 vote fries Dorothy Adams as county attorney , claiming the commission wishes to '' Move In A Different Direction , '' though during her four years as County Attorney , the counity did not lose a lawsuit . Layson and Yon say the firing does not indicate a change in policy toward the Nuwaupians .

Feb . 8 , 2002 - A Non - Jury Trial before Wingfield end 99 - CV - 1 - 1 . Wingfield gives the Nuwaupians 90 days to provide all necessary information to the county building and zoning office to obtain any Buildinmg Permits still outstanding . York is dismissed from suot as a quit claim deed is filed , giving ownership of the property to nine individuals who since June 1999 , have been the owners of the property .

March 7 . 2002 - The Rameses Nighclub a '' felloship hall '' on Permit Applications , the Nuwaupian apply for a Bulding Permit that will clear way fir the group to began using the Building for the first time since it was padlocked in 1999 . The Building does not have to be taken back to its original 100 - by - 50 - foot metal storage Building status . Stills appeals the issuance of the permit ; the appeal was scheduled to be heard by the Putnam County Planning and Zoning Commission the next month .

May 8 , 2002 - Dr . York was arrested in Milledgeville Ga . on 4 counts of transporting minors across states for indecent purposes . Later that same day over 300 Federal and Local Law Enforcement Agents Executed A No - Knock Warrant On Tama -Re The Egyptian Village Located At 404 Shady Dale Road , In Eatonton , Georgia . Pages 81 - 87 .

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