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Science For The 9mind Leave Scientific Facts, Findings, Comments, Including Questions And Answers To Wu-Nuwaupu.

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Default The Ego - (Taken from the mind scroll)

Mine Your Mind
For The Jewels
Of Your Soul


LO! The Ego
Nuwaubians, One
Of The Schools,
Which I, Your
Master Teacher, Known
As The Reformer, AI
Mujaddid, AI Makhlus.
Yaanuwn, Rabboni, AI
Imaam, And Melchizedek.
I Have Many Names For
The Many Cloaks I Wear.
I Must Take You
Through, Is The School
Of The Ego.

2 Know Ye That, This Is
One Of The Hardest
Attribute To Destroy.
5 This Is The Attribute
that Is Carried Out
Mostly By The Evil
Reptilian One, Sama' el,
Also Known As Zuen, Or
The Devil,
4 He Who Is The Son Of
Shakhar And Mylitta.

5 Reject Him And His
6 And Let Him, Or His
Followers Not Into Your
Hearts, For He And They
Would Only Lead You
Through The Doors Of

7 However, Through The
Teachings Of The Ancient
Mystic Order Of
Melchizedek, Also
Known As A.M.O.M,
You Can Learn How To
Burn Out The Ego.
8 Through The journey
Of This Scroll, I Will
Impart Upon Your Mind
The Works Of The EGO.

9 The EGO, Is The
Self-Arrogating Aspect Of
The Mind.

It Is The Ego Which Separates
The Individual From Unity
With Others And Within Him Or
For The Ego Asserts I Ness***

10 The Ego Is The
Greatest Obstacle To
Obtaining Peace,

11 For It Is That Which
Occupies The Mind With
Whether We Are Better
Or Worse,
12 Possess More Or Less,
And Have Greater Or

Lesser Power
13 The Ego Is Attended
By Desire,
14 Pride, Anger
Delusion, Greed, jealousy.
15 Lust, Hatred, Racism,
16 And Leadership.

17 The Ego Is The Most
Difficult Aspect Of The
Mind To Control,
18 For Its Nature Is Such
That It Deludes Even
While One Is Striving To
Overcome It.

19 When The Ego Is
Subdued, Energies Can
Then Be Utilized
Constructively For
Personal Growth And The
Service Of Others.

Taken from the Mind scroll by the Author named Dr. Malachi Z. York

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Default The EGO

Greetings children of Erithoo (planet Earth),

The EGO is one of the three aspects of the psyche. The other two being the ID and the SUPER EGO. The EGO is the organized conscious mediator between the person and reality. Hence, the EGO has the potential to function in both the awareness and the modification to reality. Recall that reality is the sum or whole of real things and real events.

An example of the altering aspect of the EGO can be found in a very ancient lore regarding a High Priest, Two Brothers, and a Queen. To make a long story short, Prince KOH and Prince AK were rival brothers of a Land called Moo. The Feathered Serpent was the protective genius of the country, called Moo. The Queen of Moo favored prince KOH, whose brother and rival, prince AK, became filled with jealously and anger as a result. Prince AK was an egotistical person who wanted to marry his sister, who was the Queen of Moo.

In short, Prince AK ended up killing his own brother out of jealously and emotional rage. He, Prince AK, eventually destroyed the protective genius of the country i.e., Moo or MU and replaced it with SUN or Solar worship. In effect, Prince AK skewed the reality of things and events associated with the previous dynasty (i.e., the feathered serpent). The allusion of this type of transformation was written in the book of Revelation uttered as the war between Micheal and a Great Dragon (i.e., the Old Serpent, Dynasty of the Chans). The new or supplanted dynasty (i.e., SUN worship) would forever change the course of things and events on planet Earth.

The fall of the feathered serpent dynasty or Dynasty of the Chans was accompanied with the destruction of a Great Continent called Moo. The memory of its history and protective genius (i.e., the feathered serpent) can be found throughout antiquity especially in Mesoamerican, Sumer, and Egipt.

Recorded by: Paa Neter Raa
Pa Neter Ra
By Teaching, We Learn
9 x 13
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