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Default Camelot and King Arthur Right Knowledge meaning?

What is the Right Knowledge meaning of the King Arthur and Camelot stories? Is this relating to Yashua and Egipt?
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Great Peace!

The tales of King Arthur (The Great Bear), son of Uthur Pendragon (The King Dragon), are based on elements of history, facts, and folklore, which have lasted throughout history. Of course, these elements have been altered throughout the centuries and tailored to represent the sum of all that is thought to be good in a human hero, human warrior (i.e., Christian Knight). Before the mentions of Arthur as king and hero in the 12th century, there lived Muhammed ibn Abdullah of al-Islam. According to the chapter of the pen (al-Qalam, Nuwn), it is written of one (i.e., Muhammed) with an exalted standard of character or ethos. This sublime ethos is the embodiment of the Quraan, the eternal message of Allah. Moreover, other men mentioned in the scriptures who were found to be Righteous or Just (in a moral or forensic sense) amongst the Elohim were Yashua, Noah, and Enoch, just to name a few. What historical scholars do know about King Arthur is that he is a Myth, that they do know. Nevertheless, there is information surrounding a historical context for "Arthur" but none of it points to a man named "Arthur." Therefore, one may question the existence of a historical Arthur.

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Thank you for the facts. This story is a major part of the medieval lore of the Tamahu that was taken from Moorish Science.
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