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Default Q. What Are The Facts Concerning The 24th Hour?


A: The 24th hour is a sacred moment in time where in a miraculous event will occur. This is only possible once every complete cycle, 24,000 years plus one moment, 1000 years where the elders converge on earth.

Holy Tablets chapter 19 verse 6:27

A whole star fleet came to earth in ether form

When we say 24th hour is a sacred moment in time we are saying that it is a moment that only happens once every complete cycle. Letsí take the clock and use military time. The 1st hour is called 0100 hour then 0200 hour, 0300 on up till 1200 hour then picks up at 1300, 1400, 1500, e.t.c in between each hour there are points called minuets such as 0113, which would be one thirteen a.m. 1513 would be three thirteen p.m. thus all of the hours from 0100 to 2300 have minutes however when we got to 2400 there is no point before it nor after it where it is mentioned for you see when the clock hits 2400 the moment after that you are into the next period. It goes from 2400 to 0100 on up to 0059 and the cycle shall start all over again. So, this 2400 (or midshadow) is a moment when the masters are able to come through to this earth plane remaining undetected in order to assist you.

Holy Tablets chapter 19 verse 6:72-73

In order to prevent this the child must be born 12:00 midnight in the midst of a lightning storm as a shield. And this is why his mother and the relatives sighted the presence of the great star on that Tuesday, twelve midnight, in the Lunar Logging of the 26th point, in June, when the planet called Earth positioned itself, in the location of the revolution of Earth year 1945 of the Gregorian Calendar.

Taken from the book entitled Solar Biology or Lunar Astrology by the aurthor named
Haru - hotep ptah copy written in 2004
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