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Default The 19th Galaxy Illyuwn



Illyuwn is the 19th galaxy a Tri-Solar system having 3 suns Utu, Asfu and Shamash also recorded as Om, Sal, and On, also called “The Great Galaxy”, known as “The Place On High” called Heaven or even Jannat. This is the original heaven (Koran 83:18-19) before the heavenly host and god took residence in Orion and Sirius {Pleiadies, Arcturus , Aldebaran}, where god resides. As Matthew 6:9 recorded: our farther which art in {Orion} Heaven, hallowed be thy name. thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in Earth, as it is in Heaven. This is the Great Galaxy in which our great spiritual and physical ancestors, The Rizqiyians, Eloheem, Nefilim, Neteru, also called Anunnagi reside and resided, in there presence of the most high ruler ANU. There, ANU resided with his wife and half sister ANTUM/ANTU, 6 concubines, 80 children, of which 14 were by Antum, 1 Prime Minister Tammuz, 3 commanders in charge of the MU “Rocketships” Mataii, Ninshubar and Utu, 2 chief justices Murduk and Balaat. 2 chief scribes Tehuti and khonsu and 5 assistant scribes. The palace of ANU was an endless pavilion, there were countless gardens, on what you call paradise, of every imaginable design displaying the exotic flowers, plants, birds and butterflies from all corners of the galaxies.

Excerpt from The Man from planet Rizq, the 19th Galaxy Illyuwn poster.
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Rahubaat,Dose Illyumn exist in the physical realm or the etheric realm.And what state of being dose one have to be in to communicate with them,Wadu.
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Default Illyuwn

Greetings children of Eritoo (Planet earth),

Illyuwn was introduced to Abram by the King of Peace, Melchizedec. The Hebrew equivalent to Illyuwn is Elyuwn, which means "an elevation." The term "Elyuwn" comes from the primitive root word "Alah (to rise)," in which the Arabic word for God, Allah, is an extension of the Hebrew primitive root word "Alah (to rise)."

Therefore, there are planes of existence much like the different spectra of visible light that exhibits moods of vibration and various wavelengths. For example, we see the color red because of the wavelength that an object reflects back onto our consciousness; while passing all other wavelengths, which are then unconscious to us. So called "blackness" absorbs the full spectra of what is called light, whereas so called "whiteness" releases the full spectra of what is called light. These attributes of what is called light reminds us of the Hermetic principle of POLARITY. Every Truth meets in the middle.

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