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Science For The 9mind Leave Scientific Facts, Findings, Comments, Including Questions And Answers To Wu-Nuwaupu.

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Default Pa Qemam-T Safena (The Mothership)

Greetings Nuwaupians and grandchildren of oorthaa, planet Earth,

"We, Neteru have come back"

3. I am remembered as Amun to become Amun-RE "Amun-Roi, Amen-Ra" called by Sumerian Murduk, by those who don’t know time. 4. And I come from beyond the stars you know; yet you do know my star systems Sapzdetu and Saahu. 5. And these are the symbols of my inner RE-AAT "suns". Three for you to see: Actual Fact #13, Nuwaupians Ontologists of Time, p. 2 & 3).
I have chosen the above quote to reflect the so named Pythagorean Triangle (3:4:5). Moreover, when this triangle is reflected and refracted in a living mind the numerical sequence produced is 3:4:5:4:3. Geometrically speaking, the sequence aforementioned depicts what has been dubbed the "flower of life." From its two dimensional area, a cube in three dimensional space can be inscribed. The flower of life with its intrinsic cube displays the making of the Hennu (Hennuaat) of Sokar. Refer to the arithmetic below. The cube of Matatrun (outlined in black & green) is encased by a hexagon (outlined in red). It is the structure used by bees for constructing thier hives. The hexagon presents the maximum area with minimum use of materials and energy that also offers the maximum strength compared to other shapes.


3+4+5+4+3 = 19 (hexagonal number)

3x4x5x4x3 = 720 (hexagonal azimuth)

In ancient TamaRe, Orion was known as Saahu, whose consort was Sapzdetu (Sirius). The lower portion of Saahu contains a nebula, the belt of three stars, Saiph, and Rigel. This system of stars brings to light the Tetrahedron crop formation discovered in AD 1991 in the field of Barbury Castle. The interesting thing is that the crop formation maps the lower system of stars mentioned previously. Not often used in a technical sense, the term Nebula referred to a galaxy other than the Milky Way galaxy. The word NEBULA transposes into the word NEBU RA, which is cognizant of the word NIBIRU. It is the motherplane from which smaller crafts come from called Hennuaat. The flower of life, as it is so named, is the matrix in which the hennu (cube of Matatrun, the 11th Elder) takes shape. And yes, you can turn your body into a ship or craft (hnw) for interplanetary travel via the proper alignment of your chakra and endocrine systems i.e. the wheel within a wheel. Refer to Man From Planet Rizq page 116.

Saahu and the Tetrahedron Science of Magnetism at 19.5 degrees
Inspired by Nebu Atun Re AD 1999
Refer to Utu, Apsu, and Shamash

Pa Neter Ra (pa naba ra)
An Ontologist of Space, Matter, and Time
"Facts is our Gift"
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Pa Neter Ra
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