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Default Malachi says a woman finds her soul thru love with a man

I heard him say that there is a verse in deuteronomy that says this. anybody know what verse he was talking about?
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Default Re:

Greetings and peace,

In a biblical frame of reference, The LORD God (Khnum) formed Adam from the dust of Adamah. Then the LORD God blew into the forehead of that which was fashioned of the Adamah the breath of life and thus Adam became a living soul i.e. something that is conscious or mindful. The Aramaic-Hebrew word Naphash is one of the five elements of Maguraj and the Zodiac: Ta-Mu-Nefu-Set-Hu. Adamah is the feminine principle of Adam. Without this principle on the plane of things (i.e., Adamah), Adam would have been rendered unconscious and thus non-living (inorganic matter). Most inorganic compounds lack carbon, such as salt (NaCl) and ammonia (NH3). If the translator(s) of the King James Bible took the time to translate ADAM as man, then why not translate ADAMAH as woman (rather than “ground” in Genesis chapter 2 verse 7)?

Love is a type of consciousness. And in rarified layers of consciouness, Divine Love ('ishq, 'ashug) is mathematically 117, which is the product for Energy, the speeding up of mass rendering it conscious (Organic). In Physics, E = MC^2 (13 x 9) is symbolic of the life-force (Khay Naphash/Ruach, Ka and Ba). It is essentially the operative aspect of NUWAUPU, Known in ancient Ta.Mery as wbn/wbnw (Wu-Bu-Nu or Wu-Nu-Bu). You are most familiar with it in the context of Nu-Wu-Bu (NUWAUBU = 103 = 1+0+3 = 4). In Mathematics, the rearrangement of objects or values is called PERMUTATION. In Kaballah, permutation is called TAMARA (Ta.Ma.Re). And in Meso America, the language of permutation is called ZUVUYA.

In Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, and Beauty

Pa Neter Ra (a Kosmosan, a good Shepherd)
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