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Default The Degrees and Nuwaubu

I am a young person, 22, seeking out the truth for these days and times. Before coming to know of PerReAh Amunnubi Raakhptah, I began to have personal revelations within the degree of muhammadism. The things I would postulate and bring up, like jinn as caucasians, election of Nubian people, using the scriptures instead of Hadith, importance of being Ansaar, etc, are similar to the doctrine taught by Imam Isaa under the Nubian Islaamic Hebrew school. I had no knowledge of this school nor had I ever heard of the organization or seen its pamphlets, growing up in Buffalo and belonging to a Salafi Islamic community. After going to New York City for University, I began to see the nezdir and nezdert on the streets selling pamphlets. The older scrolls from the Nubian Islaamic Hebrew Days caught my eye, and as I read them I was shocked to find they contained the same out-formation that was being given to me personally. While in the city I attended a class with the Triad at the Bookstore in Bushwick, and put forth the question about the degree of muhammadism and practicing it. The sister who answered, an older sister who has been with the Master Teacher since the Ansaar Allah days and who i see on the WNUB Webcast yet dont know her name, said that BABA said certain souls need specific information and thats what they gravitate too, and it was okay to practice. Now the question I have is ,in light of Right Knowledge, what is the 'ruling' so to speak of someone following the truth taught by BaBa of these schools, not in a religious way but in a cultural way, utilizing the knowledge BaBa taught about the school as a system to follow on our way to becoming Nezderu? Also, what is the view of a group of people acting upon this specific school as a community, again not from a religion standpoint, but from a cultural standpoint, where their souls call them towards this as a way to becoming nezderu again?
Neb Akhu Ra
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Yes each school serve a purpose to each soul that gravitted towards that specific information/outformation(islam,chistism,judaism,masonic,native american,moorish, afrikan/tamarean),it was information we put down before we incarnated and our soul journey to find through our spiritual master the truth.it was or became included in our life chart(the script we consruted with the elders before we came hre on how we intendedto learn our lessons & live our lives) thats why baba stated in the holy tablets 'we ask to come here" the question to each soul has to be why? Ad the answer varies just look at peopl lives and who they are and what they become has been decided in a sense and ourchoice was to come and aide baba in spreading right k rw and ro nuaubu.

This is why baba was always patient with each school he knew just as beings come out another group would come in for their awakening and we have a genetic agreement to aid pa re ammunnubui roooakhptah inthis cause breaking he spell and everything that pertains to it would work out with each effort where as some beings incarnted just to be our opposition or take on the role they pursued or wrote in their life chart of which yu have a theme wich isttach to hte lesson you chose to learn while being here.

Sothat means its in a person dna to be what they become and those beings are here just for that purpose,we can understand now wy people my have a interest in something & others may not or something works out for one person and others it may not work out for,upon realization of why you here and what purpose your here to serve you grow & deal with events better as they unfold.

We have whats call genetic memeory banks inwhich a wealth of information i store in our genes from our ancestors & this store house of information is latent in us waiting to come foward through spiritual practises concentrtaion we can tap into it
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Default Nuwau-Bu

Greeting children of eritoo (planet earth),

Nuwau-Bu is the effective spiritual science for melaninites through and through the great existence. Moreover, Nuwau-Bu or Nuwau-Pu (9 x 13) is the science of evidence, experience, and reason.

How can you have Nuwau-Bu work for you?

pa neter ra
9 x 13
Pa Neter Ra
By Teaching, We Learn
9 x 13
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