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Default What is life and what is death and is there life after death?

35. Listen to Reason! Some people are taught to believe that each time a person is born, he or she has A NEW SOUL who never existed before -this is not true -but what is true is that the baby just born has A NEW BODY that never existed before, and the new body must produce life for itself if is to continue to live after birth. THE UMBILICAL CORD of the mother provides life for the embryo and fetus during the gestation period before the infant is born. It is not an individual spirit being called A SOUL that keeps the body alive, because Spirit Beings survive on the food and blood of the living body themselves. In other words, it is just THE OPPOSITE of what Religionists teach -instead
of Spirit Beings being the lives of people, people are the lives of Spirit Beings, because LIFE ITSELF IS INDEED A BURNING. The burning can be conscious or unconscious, constructive or destructive. There exist THE LIFE OF LIFE and THE LIFE OF DEATH. The Life of Life exists in the top half of The Circle of Existence during the time that the top half exists, and The Life of Death has being in the bottom half of the same circle. Like life, death lives, otherwise it could not be active and reverse life. Let it be remembered always and let it be known!
36. Listen to Reason! Life springs from AN ACID BASE and is perpetuated by that acid base. Of course, acids burn, so hence, LIFE IS A BURNING, like the acid in a car battery is the life of the car. The car is made active by GAS BURNING, and the person is made active by BLOOD BURNING. BRAIN NOOTS that create BRAINS from other matter are ACID PARTICLES that produce MIND and REASON ENERGY who carry out the creation work of Brain Noots who are called THE LIFE, DEATH CONTINUE PRIME-MOVER. When a baby is born, .the attending physician or mid~ wife makes sure that the infant is BREATHING, and if it is not inhaling and exhaling, the baby gets a spanking to excite and activate the brain and. nervous systems into action, because otherwise, the child will die, unless it is stillborn (born dead), already. When the baby actively starts to breathe, the oxygen (air) it breathes goes to the lungs, and acid in the blood in its lungs burns the oxygen the child breathes, and THAT BURNING IS NATURAL ELECTRICITY called ETHER which is LIFE. Let it be remembered always and let it be known!
37. Listen to Reason! When The Natural Electricity (Ether who is The Burning) reaches the brain, it lights up THE BRAIN like a bulb, then the person not only has LIFE but CONSCIOUSNESS with that life, because he or she can then see, feel, taste, hear, and smell. Therefore, a person sees, feels, tastes, hears, and smells with his or her mental organ (the Brain), the organ of consciousness, by way of the nervous systems of the brain. The brain stays alive with the organ of oxygen (the lungs) and the organ of blood (the heart) which the brain grew for its survival. Marrow of the bones, the spinal cord, and the nervous systems of a person or thing are extensions, roots, and branches of the brain of a being. Of course, the nervous systems of a person are found throughout the physical person. Then too, there is nothing mysterious about THE BREATH OF LIFE, for it is OXYGEN. The point is this: When THE BURNING STOPS that is THE END of that individual's personal LIFE, because THE PURPOSE OF THE BODY is to provide the conditions necessary for THE BURNING (that is life), and when it fails to do that,_ LIFE ENDS. In addition, the purpose of the body is to continue life and be the tool that the brain uses for survival and support, pleasure and pain. Let it be remembered always
and let it be known!
38. Listen to Reason! Like the engine of a car gives off (exhausts) CARBON MONOXIDE, the lungs of a person gives off CARBON DIOXIDE. Carbon is residue of a BURNT substance or gas. The point is this: An individual inhaling OXYGEN and exhaling CARBON DIOXIDE is EVIDENCE of BURNING taking place in the lungs and throughout the circulatory system of a living person, and this is why the body of a living person is WARM and that of a dead person is COLD. Open your mouth and blow your breath on the back of your hand and feel how warm it is, and you will know that burning is taking place --oxygen being burnt by blood and creating NATURAL ELECTRICITY called NATURAL ETHER which is LIFE. Then too, what about that STAtIC ELECTRICITY that causes clothes to cling to body --this is further proof that life is indeed NATURAL ELECTRICITY known as NATURAL ETHER who is the life of all living persons and things in one degree or another throughout The Universes. Let it be remembered always and let it be known!
39. Listen to Reason! Death is also A BURNING. But, whereas life is a burning for construction and growth, death is a burning for destruction and decay, that is to say, LIFE AND DEATH ARE CERTAINLY OPPOSITE PROCESSES. Death is a burning, too, because death lives, and this is why death is active and rules the bottom half of The Circle of All Existence. As already stated, life is a burning (Natural Electricity called Natural Ether), and when that burning stops, that is THE END OF LIFE, and death starts as A REVERSE BURNING which may be called A COLD BURNING, that is to say, the undoing of what life has done. At death or just before death of a person or thing, the Spirit Being (or Spirit Beings) who possessed (was incarnate in) the person during his or her gestation period in his mother's womb or became incarnate at birth of the person takes leave from the dying or dead person or thing and seeks refuge elsewhere, most likely become incarnate in another person or thing, and this transmigration of what is called SOULS or SPIRITS from body to body is known as METEMPSYCHOSIS in the American English Dictionary. This is what actually does happen at death of a person or thing, but there is no individual personal spirit or soul that goes on beyond the death of the body. The spirits who become incarnate in people existed already in time immemorial. The purpose of the body is to produce the burning (life),and when the burning ends life ends, because the condition that keeps the burning going is among the organs of the body and not outside. Let it be remembered always and let it be known!
40. Listen to Reason! Of all the various kinds of life that can exist, the most vital one next to physical life for a person is MENTAL LIFE which includes spiritual life. Mental. life is knowing who self is by Race and by Nature, knowing who others are by Race and by Nature, and knowing who Absolute Nature is ·by Laws and by Reason, that is to say, by Ethereal and Scientific Knowledge about Almighty Nature.
Of all the various kinds of death that can exist, the most devastating one next to physical death of people is MENTAL DEATH that surely includes spiritual death. Mental death is just THE OPPOSITE of mental life. Victims and-sufferers of MENTAL DEATH ARE THE MENTAL DEAD who this booklet and other books called "INTRODUCTION TO THE NATURE OF NATURE," written by Afroo Oonoo, are designed to help MENTALLY
RESURRECT AND LIBERATE from the adverse forces of mental death of people. Let it be remembered always and let it be known!
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Greetings children of eritoo (planet earth),

Life is the fire burning in every human being that comes into THIS world. The etymology of the word OXYGEN comes from the Greek words OXYS (acidic) and GENOS (birth). Hence, oxygen means “acid birth.” The blood and via extension the body contains lightning. It is an aspect of the soul. Fire i.e., the true light has its volume in darkness. And all this happens in what is known as triple darkness. Many people think that death is the end of existence, but in fact death means only the extinction of present name and form (refer to The Mind Scroll).

How would one know what fire is if he or she has not been consumed by it? Think from the the unreal to the real.

pa neter ra

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Pa Neter Ra
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acid burning, death, life, noopooh, resurrection

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