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Science For The 9mind Leave Scientific Facts, Findings, Comments, Including Questions And Answers To Wu-Nuwaupu.

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Default The Art of Teleportation

Great Peace!

What is teleportation?

Pa Neter Ra (The Golden One of Atun-Re, Matatrun)

Teleportation is the propose displacement of matter or energy from one instance in space, matter, and time (SMAT) to another SMAT reference without crossing the proposed barrier(s) amid them. The word “teleportation” literally means “to carry far away.”

How is teleportation achieved?

Pa Neter Ra (The Golden One of Atun-Re, Matatrun)

The key rests with the information of the PHOTONS, which are quanta of electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiations or simply the two great lights. Photons are known to have intrinsic mass (zero mass). The product of intrinsic mass and the speed of light squared yields the rest energy of a system. In other words, E = MC^2 = 13 x 3^2 = 13 x 9 = 117 = NUWAUPU.

How is NUWAUPU connected with the science of teleportation?

Pa Neter Ra (The Golden One of Atun-Re, Matatrun)

NUWAUPU is the Science of Sound Right Reason. The word can be traced to the metu neteru word WBN or WBNW (wabanoo). It means “to rise in radiance.” Contemporarily speaking, WBN or WBNW (in rhythm) is liken to the PHOTON and it is the key to teleportation.

Empowering people, Enhancing technologies, Enriching communities

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