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Default Tablet seventeen (Holy Tablets) - The Judgment.

Tablet seventeen
The Judgment



Haylal, son of Tarnush and Mylitta

Lo! The day will soon come when you
all will look at the sun.
2 Men, women, and children will all
3 Fear and regret, sorrow and tears.
4 They’ll plead to the purified ones for
not lending an ear.
5 There will be floods of blood from
The weak that fell.
6 That become a part of the path for
the wicked on their way to hell.
7 Some will try effortlessly to run to
the colorless man.
8 They'll ask?
9 What happened to the idol deities, it’s
heavens in that fairy land?

10 O how could I have been so fooled,
to have faith in all you have said,
11 About a new heaven in the skies
with Jesus once we're dead?
12 Yes, you were fooled, you wanted
to be free, and you turned away from
the truth to be like me.
13 It was written before your face, and
handed down to you in the scriptures
for you to read.
14 But you preferred dealing with me,
and satisfying your greed.
15 Now that the day has come and the
great star will fall to the Earth like the
dropping of the sun.
16 Gusting smokes, to blacken the skies
forwarded by earthquakes, hurricanes,
and political dominion cries.
17 In the midst under the number 666,
and I rise. One foot in the north, the
other in the west causing confusion and
strife in the middle east, doing my best.
18 The prostrator mark was deep in his
head: The stamp mailing his soul to
paradise once he's dead.

19 But of you people, you did accept
me, for wealth, and money you never
did get.
20 I, Azazl and my host, will pay for
get our satisfaction looking at the
concealers of the truth and know we
have won.
21 Cup of heaven not even one-quarter
filled, mostly with the martyrs of
righteousness whom you did kill.
22 Cup of sinners over-run, your next
abode you'll have no fun.
23 For today is the day when we all
will notice the sun.
24 Men, women, and chidren will all cry,
25 An odd-looking thing will appear in
the sky. The rapture, O yes it has come
with only enough seats for the righteous
26 Enqi, Izraa'El, the Anunnagi of
Death will appear.
27 Having the book of eternal life
present there.

28 He will call the names, and the
Ansaars will say: Here!
29 He will say come and enter this
30 For you the righteous have earned
this trip .
31 Pausing time and moment,
reflecting on the past.
32 A screen will appear like a crystal of
33 The eyes will raise to behold its
light, flashing from the day one to this
very special night.
34 When all of these things have come
to pass, and all the righteous will be
given a golden glass. Waters of the river
of Kawthar, and gowned in white silk.
35 Honey of heaven, sweetened
paradise milk. Bathed in the waters of
the rivers of Shafu'ane.
36 Couches laid lying down beside
green pastures.

37 The presence of black eyed maidens
there for the asking.
38 When all the names on the list have
been read, the big crystal! ship will roar,
and this material Earth will have fled
from its rear will be 6 great balls of fire,
to plunge the Earth and end all wicked
desire. Screaming and running to and
fro, for suffering awaits those who took
not the time to know.

This Is How It Was Recorded
And This Is How It Will Be
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