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Science For The 9mind Leave Scientific Facts, Findings, Comments, Including Questions And Answers To Wu-Nuwaupu.

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Default Right Knowledge Series No 2 ( By Dr M.Z.York )

What is the spell of sleep that was cast upon Black , Nubians , Ptahites - Kuwshites , Egiptian Moors , the children of the Eloheem , Anunnaqi , or Neteraat ? It is called an evil hypnotic spell of ammesia called the Spell of Sleep AMAN '' Leviathan '' that was cast upon all the Blacks , Nubians ( Ptahites ) Ethiopians - Kuwshites and the Original Egiptian

Moor ( The Woolly - Haired People ) , 6,000 years ago at the beginning of the first AH '' Moon '' Cycle of 6,000 years with the creation of White Magic . White Magic is 6 - Ether spirit forces Ghost white vapor or Gas . The spiritual part of it is called Seh '' Religion '' It is a spell of spiritual ingorance and worship of white ghost spirits called god . It is a spell of

spiritual ignorance and racial blindness for 6,000 years our people have been in a coma state , amnesia a sleep of the conscious mind lost in blind Faith and Belief with no facts and confirmations out right ignorance to who they are . The powers of this spell are

enforced by fake religious books and white supremacy propaganda that is put out by religions such as ; Mosesism '' Judasiam '' Christism '' Christianity '' .and Muhammadism '' Al Islaam '' . The original religious books that that were in their original tongue and form were destroyed . The Hebrew Torah '' Bible '' and the Arabic Quran ''

Koran '' of today have been altered by Disagreeable forces and have you living off Blind Faith . They have mistakes in them and just because these scriptures are written in Hebrew or Arabic doesn't make them right . And how can '' Allah '' or '' God '' make mistakes ? According to the Sumerian doctrine this spell was cast by a being called APophisAmam in

Ancient Egipt and Zuen in Sumer a Remusyan '' Reptilian'' from the Planet Rum '' Titan '' who is also called Zu , Anzu , Kato , Enzu , The Devil , Shakhar son of Tarnush , Humbaba , Huwawa , Shaytaan . Ibliys , Belus , Nulush Ha Satan , and in Tama - Re '' Egipt '' we called him APEP , APOPHIS, a Draconian or Dragonian from Draco , Drago

star constellation the father of Haylal ( Sama'El , Nakhash ) . Most of you think the planet Titan is called Saturn which is a ball of gas not a planet . The spell was cast for Enqi who is Equivalent to Seth or Set '' Sutukh '' of Egipt . He is the founder of the city of Nod , Lebanon of old Phoenicia , Byblos of the Egiptian Mysteries where the Great Neter ''

God '' Asru / Usir '' Osiris '' body was found . This spell was cast for Enqi who was the master of Ta '' Earth '' also called Nudimmud and Ea Adamites the seed of Enlil Which means '' Ruler Of Heavens And Earth '' Enlil is also called Nunamnir , Asaru ( Refer To '' Breaking The Spell Scroll # 42 , Baptism Ceremony Scroll # 51 , The Holy Tablets ,

And '' The True Story Of Genesis '' Scroll # 90 ) . It is a spell of Racial Blindness / Hate for Self and Kind not knowing who the Evil One really is or His Many Shapes and Forms . He or She could be your Pastor / Teacher / Boss / Friend / GirlFriend or Mate the Devil comes in many forms and even possesses Black people to work for and even kill for him Against Their

Own . These Are Black Devils . The Albino Cursed Seed of Canaan and his descendant called '' The Canaanites '' eleven tribes in all also known in Tama-Re '' Egipt '' as the Heka - Khasut '' Hyksos '' Tama ' Hu or Ghost Man is a transparent being in the image of a ghost . This Spell of Sleep , AMAM '' Leviathan '' is also enforced through the media that

is controlled by Pa Tama - Hu or ghost man . He does this by establishing how you as Black should LQQk what you should Wear how you should Feel where you should Go where you should Work how and where you should Spend your Money and what you should Eat .
All this so he Pa Tama - Hu or Ghost - Man can control you Mind and all your feeling to

make you work against yourself and your kind . However you must remember that the evil one comes in many shapes forms and colors . For years Blacks have been parading around saying that '' The White Man Is The Only Devil '' which renders you Angels '' oe the Good Guys '' When in reality you are just as crooked and Devlish as the Tama - Hu-aat .

Remember in the beginning of the reconstruction and recreation of Ta '' Earth '' Genesis 1;1 , Pa Sata '' The Serpent '' who beguiled Hawwah ( Eve , Nekaybaw ) into partaking of the forbidden fruit was not a Tama - Hum man but a Black Man . It is time you stop blaming everything on the Tama - Hu person or on the Habiru '' Jews '' and statr LQQking at yourself .

However you do not want to take the initial step in the reality that you are far from an angel because that would mean '' Responsibility . If you really begain to OverStand that everything that happens to you is your own fault and take Responsibility for all of your Actions then that's when things will start happening for you . Instead of moving up and Accomplishing Goal

in this Life you'd rather be Content with A Typical 9-5 Jobs under someone or working in Mc Donalds living in an apartment in the city A Car and A Couple of Friends . Almost every other race in the world either specializes in Manufacturning or has some kind of industry . However when it comes to you What Do You Have ?

Or what can you say that you truly create and contribute to this society ? What ? Rap Music ? Fried Chicken ? Then You Say , '' I Know Diamonds / Silver / and Gold come from the Motherland - Africa brother '' True !!! However after 1866 A.D. when diamond were first discoverd in South Africa and ackowledged as valuable you let foreigners come to

mine these diamonds and take them from you . Sp I Ask You Again What Do You Create To Contribute To This Society Today ? That's Exactly Right -- Nothing ! This is because wether you believe it or not you are under an Evil Spell called The Spell Of Sleep , or AMAM '' Leviathan '' - which in Ashuric / Syriac ( Arabic ) is Levi .. Lawiy meaning '' Law and

Athan , Atham meaning '' Sin '' who is Apep or Apophis . Zuen as found in Judges 2;13 , The Demon Deity which gives you the '' Law Of Sin '' Leviathan was the laws of the sea by which the Remusyanaat '' Reptilians '' lieved . These laws were named after Pa Sata '' The Serpent '' A mam , Leviathan , which is the gaint sex and spirit force that they use in White Magic to rule you ; keeping you in captivity both physsically and mentally .

The Right Knowledge Series No 2
Authored By
The Supreme Grand Hierophant S.G.H.
720th Degree
Amunnubi Raakhptah ( Atum - Re )
Mir '' Pyramid '' No . 9
The Cross Can Be Found In Two Places , One On Top Of The Churchs , And The Other On Top Of The Grave , The One On To Of The Churchs Is Where The Mentalty Dead Are , And The One On Top Of The Grave Is , Where The Physical Dead Lay .

It's Not The Things One Knows That Get Him Or Her In Trouble , Its The Things One Knows That Just Isn't So That Get Them In Trouble

Peace In The Lamb Is True-ly Wonderful
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