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Default Do they “Caucasians” have emotions?

Do they “Caucasians” have emotions?


No. it’s not emotions; it’s soul you are talking about. They lack soul ‘cause even dogs have emotions. They have to do things to keep there adrenaline up, so they can feel. That’s why they’re into things like Bungee Jumping, Hang Gliding, Car Racing, Hockey, hunting big bears, Shark diving, you name it, if its dangerous they do it. Just like the new thing that’s out where the kids tie a rope around there neck and they almost hang themselves. This is a high. They constantly have to do these things because they don’t have souls. In 1983 A.D. up until now, they started changing. They were in their climax. Now their time is up because the 6,000 years cycle is up. They sent me at the right time. They knew what they were doing. Noble Drew Ali, Marcus Garvey, and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, all died or disappeared, they planned it at the right time for me to come. I came at the right time because I taught you all through spirituality, the facts, to reality. You were the only people who lived through each culture with the full overstanding. See, just like overstanding; why did it take you so long to see that. Something as simple as the word overstanding, instead of understanding. You were taught about African culture, and then Islam. I taught you everything you were suppose to know. There were no other organization that could match us. then Judaism, and Egyptology with The Right Knowledge, that is facts beyond a doubt and UFOlogy, Sumerianism and now Christianity.

Now what’s going to make them mad is when I combine it all into one. That’s The Egiptian Church Of Christ, Inc. I just wish all of you could see how powerful this organization is. How profound the doctrine is. I am lifting the spell. I took you through religion, or “gave you what you wanted, so you would learn to want what I have to give.”

I gave you God and the Devil. I gave you Religion and Reality. I gave you the keys to truth in order that falsehood should perish. I gave you The Right Knowledge to carry you into The Right Wisdom, so that you could have the Right Overstanding. Thus, you would have Sound Right Reasoning. You would be able to look at things and see them for what they really are. And then Break This Evil Hypnotic Spell. This Spell Of Sleep, The Spell Of Leviathan! His rule is up! As of now! Look around at what is happening. The Devil knows that his rule is up. What use to work does not work anymore. Look on the news, the bungee cord is not springing back up and they are hitting the ground. Those speed demons you see running the roads, they are dying out in the midst of their cars losing control. The man that likes to puts his head in the mouth of the Lion is getting his head bit off, man’s best friend is attacking. Look around. Nature is fighting back, the Devils rule is up!

Realize this! The victory will occur at the end of the devil’s reign and Yashu’a Ha Mashiakh, Isa Al Masih, Jesus the Messiah “Christ” , or Tammuz will return to rule over the planet earth for 1,000 years. The victory was suppose to occur at the year 2000 A.D. However as it stands now, the devil has a 30 year extension. He acquired this extension in the year 1979 A.D., which is the international year of the child. This year was the 13th Birthday or Bar Mitzvah for the Devil’s son (Damien) who born on June 6, 1966A.D. The Devil celebrated by bringing in The King Tut Exhibit. The Tomb Or King Tut Ankh Aton (Tutankhamen) was discovered in 1992. A.D. King Tut was the son in law of Ankh Aton and Nefertiti. Archeologist estimate that he was only 10 years old when his reign began and then died at the age of 19. king Tut was from Nubia, but he was a wicked child. In the year 1979 A.D. people came into America from all over the worlds under the pretense of looking at king Tut exhibit; however their real purpose for coming, was to perform their Necromancy in Central Park. Necromancy is the conjuring up of the spirits of the dead for the purpose of magically revealing the future or influencing the course of events. This large gala celebration was symbolic of the facts that they had conquered the Negroids and that they would not raise the 144,000 and that they would get their extension of time. The year 1970 A.D. is the year of The Opening Of The Seventh Seal. The opening of this seal was actually the Opening Of All Truth.

Taken from the scroll entitled 666 Leviathen The Beast As The Anti-Christ part 2 of 4
Author Dr. Malachi Z. York 33° / 720°
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